March 16 2018,  Revere

City, region might face another nor’easter next week

Mayor says crews will be ready once again

By Sara Brown


The city of Revere was hammered by another nor’easter for the second time in two weeks, and according to forecasters, a third nor’easter might be expected early next week, after the first official day of spring. Does the fun ever start?

Tuesday’s slowly moving storm brought more than a foot and a half of snow to the area, causing school and work cancellations and power outages.

Mayor Brian Arrigo assured the public that the city will handle the next storm should it arrive to the best of their abilities. “The City will activate approximately 60 pieces of snow equipment to clear our streets,” he said in a statement. “And this year, private contractors are required to use GPS tracking devices, which allows our team to track snow removal in real time and enables us to address problematic areas more efficiently.”

A parking ban went into place at 8 p.m. Monday, so that DPW crews could clear main roads of snow throughout the storm. School was cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday. Revere received more than 18 inches of snow on Tuesday. The city also dealt with power outages throughout the day. Power outages were being reported in the Squire Road and Proctor Avenue areas. The city opened a warming station at the Senior Center on 25 Winthrop Ave. for those impacted. Power was restored by Wednesday.

Thankfully, during this storm, the high tides were not as bad compared to other recent storms. However, parts of Winthrop Parkway were closed due to flooding.

Arrigo thanked the tireless city staff workers that worked throughout the storm. “I applaud the tireless efforts of our DPW, Police, Fire, 311 employees, first responders and utility companies who have been working non-stop as we tackled our third nor’easter in less than two weeks,” he said. “We are extremely grateful of our team for keeping the roads clear and we will continue to work hard to ensure the community is safe … Hopefully this will be our last storm but if not, we will be well prepared.”

Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna was thankful that while there was a lot of snow, there was not that much damage this time. “The January and February storm damage was much worse than this current snowstorm. Because of the full moon and the high tides from the ocean and the harbor, the marshlands were inundated by the water that came into the lower parts of Beachmont and flooded the neighborhood,” she said. “Just a couple of trees came down during this current snowstorm. I believe the city was well prepared for the storm and all emergency personnel did an exceptional job controlling the large amounts of snowfall.”

As the adage goes, “Winter comes in like a lamb, but leaves like a lion” definitely works this time around. Anyone tired of the winter yet?

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