January 11 2019,  Malden

City seeks associate member for Board of Appeal

Mayor Gary Christenson is reaching out to Malden residents in an effort to fill the vacancy of associate member on the Board of Appeal. The present vacancy is the result of a resignation. The seven-member Board of Appeal (five members and two associate members) operates under the mandates of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A and the City of Malden zoning ordinance. The Board of Appeal assists in the administration of Malden’s zoning ordinance by considering appeals to vary dimensional controls (lot size, frontage, height, setback, etc.) when a literal application of the ordinance would impose a hardship. Residents may also appeal decisions of the Building Inspector to the Board of Appeal.

Board of Appeal members are appointed by the Mayor with City Council confirmation and serve a term of three years. The Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Malden Senior Center, which is located at 7 Washington St.

The primary difference between an associate member and a full member is that full members participate and vote on all petitions, hearings and/or matters before the Board for which they are in attendance and do not have a conflict of interest. An associate member participates when there are not five full members available for the hearing. Typically, the need for an associate member arises when a full member is absent from a meeting or when a full member is present but has a conflict of interest. Associate members should plan to attend all scheduled Board of Appeal meetings and prepare for them as a full member would, in the event they are called upon to participate. If all five full members attend, the associate members do not participate. If there is one member not in attendance, hearing participation will be alternated between the two associate members.

To apply, please complete the online Boards and Commissions Application in full by logging on to www.cityofmalden.org/BCApplication. Please also attach your resume to assist Mayor Christenson and/or the City Council in making their selection. If you have any questions, please email kmanninghall@cityofmalden.org.

The deadline for accepting applications is Friday, January 18, 2019, at noon.

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