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Terms of service

Classifieds and ads posted are not affiliated with The Advocate Newspapers or any of its employees.
Classifieds and ads posted do not represent or express any feelings, thoughts, and the like of The Advocate Newspapers or any of its employees.
Post classifieds and ads to your own risk. We do not guarantee you will gain views, business, etc. from posting.
Once a payment has been processed it cannot be refunded. We do not provide refunds for any reason.
The Advocate Newspapers reserves the right to decline approval for any listing/ad that is not in alignment with its core values.
Do not post listings containing: Adult images or adult language, fraud, scams or schemes, seeking relationships, offering adult related services and the like.
All ads must be posted using G-rated language, no profanity, so it can be read by people of all age groups.
Ads must be approved by Advocate staff before being posted to the public. For this reason, we need all ads to be posted in English.
The Advocate does not sell or collect data on any persons for sale or marketing use. Payments are processed using a Paypal gateway. Please see PayPal’s Terms of Use before purchasing.