December 14 2018,  Revere

Construction on St. Jean’s Credit Union starts

By Tara Vocino

A ground-breaking ceremony was held early Friday morning to commemorate the upcoming relocation of St. Jean’s Credit Union from Shirley Avenue to Wonderland Marketplace. The bank is slated to be built by this May at 1399 North Shore Rd.

“We’re excited that our members don’t have to crawl into the Shirley Avenue parking lot any longer,” St. Jean’s Credit Union President/CEO David Surface said. “We’re invested in the city, and our members deserve it.”

St. Jean’s Credit Union Program Director Ralph Nelson said construction begins today – relocated from 184-186 Shirley Ave. – the company has stood at that location since the 50s. The North Shore Branch will be larger with six employees versus four staff members previously, according to Nelson.

St. Jean’s Credit Union Vice President Joe DiAntonio said the new branch will offer more relationship-orientated service with 24-hour walk-in coverage and Smart ATM’s.

Customer Ira Novoselsky, whose late father, Samuel, was an original charter member, said the name changed over the years since the 50s from Shirley Credit Union to Key Credit Union to St. Jean’s Credit Union. He joked that he has the lowest account number – approximately number 3 – since he’s been with the bank for so long. However, their customer service hasn’t changed over 50-plus years, according to Novoselsky.

“It’s the only public bank in the city,” Novoselsky said. “It’s convenient; there are good staff there; and my money has been kept safe since 1954.”

Mayor Brian Arrigo said this location is bound to have more customers, as approximately 25,000 customers travel North Shore Road daily. The parking lot has been empty for eight years, according to Arrigo.

“This bank is the future of our city,” Arrigo said during the ground-breaking ceremony. “We are proud to work with you, and we wish you the best.”


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