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Cross Country Calling

Coach Tarantino seeks student-athletes for Belmonte Middle School Cross Country team


Do you want your child to improve their cardiovascular health, immune system, bone health, sharpen focus and improve mental stamina, endurance and core strength all while having fun and making new friends?

Get into amazing shape, get out of the gym, off the field, off the track.

Run on an open-air course over natural terrain, grass woodlands, hills and experience nature and its elements.

Everyone plays, no watching from the sidelines, no sitting on the bench waiting for your turn, no helmet, no pads, no expensive equipment, no halftime and no breaks.

Train and compete as a team but also shine as an individual. Always working toward a new personal best.

Gain a sense of self-satisfaction and achievement.

Running is a valuable lifelong skill that can be accessed whenever you want to train for other sports.

Question: What sports offer all this and so much more? Answer: Cross Country, the oldest known sport that is also the number one most participated sport in college.

For more information regarding the Belmonte Middle School Cross Country program you can contact Christopher Tarantino 781-854-6778 or

Summer session practices: Starting Monday, August 13th

Mondays and Thursdays: 6:00pm Belmonte (by track)

Sundays: 9:30 Breakheart Reservation (visitor center)

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