August 3 2018,  Everett

Division of Code Enforcement begins outreach campaign to conduct citywide health & safety inspections

   This week, the City of Everett is mailing out letters citywide requesting that homeowners schedule health and safety inspections with Code Enforcement officials. For homeowners who would like to schedule an appointment, please call the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services at 617-394-2270.

Inspections should only take approximately 30 minutes and will ensure property owners that their families/tenants are safe. Below are some examples of what Code Enforcement will assess:

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;
  • Proper egress is maintained, accessible and unblocked;
  • Common stairways are maintained and code compliant;
  • Interior public areas (corridors, laundry rooms or utility enclosures);
  • Exterior features (balconies, decks, exterior cooking areas and grill, etc.);
  • Your address number is mounted and visible;
  • Use of temporary wiring (i.e., extension cords).

(Please note: This is not a comprehensive list.)

Mayor Carlo DeMaria stated, “I urge all residents to take advantage of these inspections. Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of residents and first responders.”

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