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DiBiaso had a feeling about Ghared Boyce

By Julian Cardillo


Ghared Boyce added another milestone to his already impressive till of accomplishments as an Everett basketball player. The two-time Greater Boston League (GBL) MVP became Everett’s most prolific points scorer on Tuesday night in an 84-34 victory over Swampscott. Boyce scored 37 points to lead the Crimson Tide to victory; with 1,735 points he is Everett’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing 1997 graduate Shannon Crooks.

“As a program, we’re very excited for Ghared’s accomplishment and thrilled for him and his family,” said Everett coach John DiBiaso. “He has been incredibly consistent and has worked hard, and I think he’s thoroughly deserving.”

DiBiaso had a feeling Boyce would perform well with the Crimson Tide. “The first time I saw him, I knew he was going to score a lot of points,” DiBiaso said.

In a short period of time, Boyce confirmed DiBiaso’s suspicions. Boyce scored more points in his freshman year than any other freshman in Everett history. Since he arrived at Everett, Boyce has been the varsity basketball team’s main offensive threat. He is currently averaging 33 points per game, which isn’t much more than he was producing when he first joined.

That a young player can sustain such a continued pace – even at high school level – is impressive, according to DiBiaso. “When you’re setting a game plan and you know one player can get you 30 points a night, I’d say that makes a big difference,” added DiBiaso. “He’s been consistent. I’ve said it before: He’s the heart and soul of our offense.”

DiBiaso didn’t comment on whether Boyce has professional basketball in his future but made clear the focus at the moment is preparing him for college.

At the same time, the Crimson Tide are focused on winning their remaining regular season games and taking the conference title. On Tuesday the Crimson Tide boys hoop team (11-1) walloped Swampscott; they took a 50-12 lead into halftime and were up 70-28 after three.

Keeping up that momentum will be important as the team gets set to travel to Beverly for their next game. “It’s an important one for us,” said DiBiaso. “It’s a conference game and it’s usually not the easiest place to play. They have a good crowd and I’m sure Beverly will come into this game with a lot of energy.”




Lady Tide basketball team wins back-to-back

By Julian Cardillo


The Everett girls’ basketball team tallied its seventh win of the season last Friday night against Medford. Everett ousted the Mustangs in a Northeast Conference contest, 60-37. The Crimson Tide led, 13-3, after one quarter and took a 29-12 lead into halftime. Everett kept the pace in the third quarter, extending the advantage to 51-22.

On Tuesday, the Crimson Tide won their eighth win of the season with a 53-38 victory over Swampscott.

Everett’s next game is tonight at home against Beverly.


  • Keri Downs

    I have read all of the articles regarding this EHS boys basketball game online, on Facebook and in print, and I’d once again like to state that this information is not accurate. The all-time leading scorer in EHS history is myself, Keri Downs, with 2019 points. I am so frustrated with the posting of this misinformation. There have been several requests for a retraction and correction and nothing has been done. I worked extremely hard for the record and deserve not to be overlooked. This poor kid now probably thinks he is the all-time leading scorer and he is going to find out he is not. I do not want to take anything away from this young man’s accomplishments. And when he does beat the all time scoring record at EHS, it will be my record of 2019 pts. Please make the correction. I’d hate to think this is gender-related and I will continue to fight for this to be corrected.

  • Poop

    Keri Downs is the all time leading scorer (2019 points) and she didn’t need tournaments to get there. She worked her tail off to help your entire community, and now you give her no mention. Absolutely pathetic. Female reporters nationally are going to jump on this story, so I suggest you fix it.

  • lawfan

    Your article is wrong…all-time leading scorer in Everett is Keri Downs, 1995-1999, with 2,019 points. Congrats to Boyce but he’s not the all-time leading scorer and neither was Shannon Crooks.

  • Karen mccarthy

    Not to take anything away from anyone…but This is a mistake!!! Keri downs was the alltime leading scorer and needs to be recognized for her accomplishment!

  • Laura

    Please print a correction to your story re: Everett high school “all time leading scorer”. That title belongs to Keri Downs with 2019 points. Thank you!

  • kat4rose27

    In your February 2nd article “DiBiaso had a feeling about Ghared Boyce” you state that “Boyce scored 37 points to lead the Crimson Tide to victory; with 1,735 points he is Everett’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing 1997 graduate Shannon Crooks.” This is not true – Everett’s all-time leading scorer is 1999 graduate Keri Downs, with 2019 points. Please correct this article ASAP!

  • Laureen

    i am replying to the article that is titled: Dibiaso had a feeling about Gharad Boyce. Within the body of this article, it states: Everett’s most prolific points scorer, 1735. This is incorrect information. Keri Downs is the most prolific points scorer with 2019. Keri reached this huge milestone during regular season play. She worked very hard to reach this milestone and deserves an apology and a retraction. There are other articles in print, on your Facebook page and on your website, that also contain incorrect data, regarding this subject and need corrections made. I appreciate your quick response. I was a witness to this great accomplishment, and she needs to have this made right.

  • Ms. Rush

    Congrats to Mr. Boyce. HOWEVER, KERI DOWNS is EHS ALL-time leading scorer. SHE is being ignored by your gender-biased, factless reporting. Shame.

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