Everett,  November 30 2018

“Everett Strong” a horse for heroes

EPD, Horses & Heroes honor six Everett officers in horse naming ceremony

By The Advocate


The Everett Police Department and the Horses and Heroes Foundation recognized six Everett Police Officers and Hanna Award for Bravery winners Tuesday afternoon, naming a massive, 1,500 lb. white horse “Everett Strong” in their honor.

Named in honor of Det. Robert Hall, Sgt. Paul Durant, Lt. Rick Ditrapano, Det. Dan Tucker, Officer Joe Pepicelli and Sgt. Larry Jedrey, the horse will soon join the ranks of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department’s Mounted Unit. The horses, previously named Caesar, was donated by the National Lancers of Framiningham, a volunteer cavalry militia troop.

According to Police Chief Steven Mazzie, the group reached out to the department some time ago hoping to organize the ceremony. Mazzie was eager to agree.

“The concept of naming a horse after the department – because of the good work and the bravery displayed by officers – I though was a nice concept. It’s not only a tribute to these individual officers, but to the department as a whole,” said Mazzie.

All six officers who were being honored attended the ceremony, something which greatly pleased Mazzie, especially given that many Hanna Award winners have been killed in the line of duty.

“We’re fortunate in that when a lot of officers receive the Hannah award, they were killed in the line of duty, but all of our officers have come through unscathed.”

Horese for Heroes founder Skyllar Mullvaney praised Mazzie for working with them to honor his offiers.

“The only word that comes to mind to describe you is caring,” said Mazzie. “I think that’s the first quality of leadership. Although budgets and bottom lines are important, it’s caring for people that’s most important. .. You have embraced the opportunity to honor your department with unbridled enthusiasm. … I think this horse will bring some positive morale and recognition for the hard work being done in Everett every day.”

Mullvaney also thanked her two volunteers, Jan Dumas and Lana, who helped with Tuesday’s ceremony.

“They came out to help us out and I’m very happy that they’re with us,” she said.

The Horses and Heroes Foundation was founded in 2014. Operating out of Revere, the group has named and donated 17 working horses to date.

(Advocate photos by Katy Rogers)

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