Everett,  November 9 2018

Everett votes with the Commonwealth on Tuesday

Backs incumbents, Questions 2 and 3

By Brendan Clogston


There were no surprises in Everett Tuesday. Beyond a few races where the margins were somewhat closer than the statewide results, Everett voters followed the Commonwealth, backing incumbents and preserving transgender rights while rejecting a ballot initiative regulating nurse/patient staffing ratios.

Turnout was strong, if not record-breaking on Tuesday, with few local decisions remaining for Everett voters, many of their decisions having been made in September’s primary. In all, 10,347 ballots were cast Tuesday, a little over half of Everett’s 20,642 registered voters and a modest uptick from 2014’s midterm turnout, in which 9,379 ballots were cast.

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren handily won reelection Tuesday, taking 60.3 percent of the vote statewide over Republican Geoff Diehl’s 36.3 percent and independent Shiva Ayyadurai’s 91,052. Everett voters backed the senator by an even wider margin, providing her 6,987 votes (69.23 percent) to Diehl’s 2,774 (27.49 percent) and Ayyadurai’s 314 votes (3.11 percent). There were 17 write-in votes and 255 blanks.

Incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito did win a majority of voters in Everett, though by a much smaller margin than what they carried statewide. Their Everett tally was 5,758 votes (57.45 percent) to Democratic challenger’s Jay Gonzalez and Quinten Palfrey’s 4,231 (42.22); statewide, the results were 66.9 percent for Baker/Polito to Gonzalez/Palfrey’s 33.1 percent.

In the State Auditor’s race, incumbent Democrat Suzanne Bump handily carried the race in Everett, winning 6,818 votes (71.06 percent) to Republican Helen Brady’s 2,237 votes (23.31 percent), Libertarian Daniel Fishman’s 331 (3.45 percent) and Green-Rainbow Party Edward Stamas’s 193 (2.01 percent). There were 16 write-in votes and 752 blanks. Statewide, Bump won the race with 62 percent of the vote to Brady’s 31.1 percent, Fishman’s 4.2 percent and Stamas’s 2.6 percent.

Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey easily beat Republican challenger James McMahon in Everett, taking in 7,735 votes (77.65 percent) to his 2,212 (22.20). There were 15 write-in votes and 385 blank ballots. Statewide, Healy easily won with 69.9 percent of the vote to McMahon’s 30.1 percent.

Longtime Democratic incumbent William Galvin easily won Everett voters on Tuesday, receiving 7,708 votes (77.9 percent) to Republican Challenger Anthony Amore’s 1,789 (18.08 percent) and Green-Rainbow Party Juan Sanchez’s 387 (3.91 percent). There were 11 write-in votes and 452 blank ballots. Statewide, Galvin received 70.8 percent of the vote to Amore’s 25.4 percent and Sanchez’s 3.8 percent

Everett voters backed Democratic incumbent Deborah Goldberg in the State Treasurer’s race, giving her 7,511 votes (77.50 percent) to Republican challenger Keiko Orrall’s 1,845 (19.04 percent) and Green-Rainbow Party Jamie Guerin’s 315 (3.25 percent). Statewide, Goldberg received 67.6 percent of the vote to Orrall’s 28.9 percent and Guerin’s 3.5 percent.

Democratic incumbent Terrence Kennedy breezed by unenrolled challenger Vincent Dixon in the 6th District Governor’s Councillor race, winning 7,999 votes in Everett (88.73 percent) to Dixon’s 940 (10.43 percent). There were 76 write-in votes and 1,332 blanks. Districtwide, Kennedy won with 85.9 percent of the vote to Dixon’s 14.1 percent.

Ayanna Pressley was running unopposed in the U.S. House 7th Congressional race, having defeated longtime incumbent Michael Capuano in the Democratic primary in September. She received 7,853 votes in Everett. There were 191 write-in votes and 2,303 blank ballots.

Democratic incumbent State Senator Sal DiDomenico was running unopposed in his State Senate race. He received 8,530 votes on Tuesday. There were 131 write-in votes and 1,686 blank ballots.

Democratic incumbent Joseph McGonagle was running unopposed in the 28th Middlesex State Representative race, having defeated challengers Gerly Adrien and Stat Smith in the Democratic primary in September. He received 8,292 votes on Tuesday. There were 195 write-in votes and 1,860 blank ballots.

Democratic incumbent Marian Ryan was running unopposed in the Middlesex District Attorney’s race. She received 7,890 votes on Tuesday. There were 142 write-in votes and 2,315 blank ballots.

Democratic incumbent Michael Sullivan ran unopposed in the Middlesex Clerk of Courts race, receiving 7,985 votes on Tuesday. There were 125 write-in votes and 2,237 blanks.

Democratic incumbent Maria Curtatone ran unopposed in the Middlesex Register of Deeds race, receiving 7,840 votes on Tuesday. There were 164 write-in votes and 2,343 blanks.

Everett voters rejected Question 1, which would have limited the number of patients that could be assigned to each registered nurse in Massachusetts hospitals and other health-care facilities, with 3,055 voters (32.41 percent) supporting the initiative and 6,372 (67.59 percent) rejecting it. There were 920 blank ballots.

Everett voters backed Question 2, which will create a citizen’s commission to consider and recommend potential amendments to the United States Constitution, establishing that corporations do not have the same Constitutional rights as human beings and that campaign contributions and expenditures may be regulated. A total of 6,394 Everett voters supported Question 2 (67.68 percent) and 3,053 (32.32 percent) voted against it. There were 900 blanks.

Everett voters also supported Question 3, which preserves the state’s existing antidiscrimination protections for transgender individuals. In all, 5,967 Everett voters supported Question 3 (62.05) and 3,649 voted against it (37.95 percent). There were 731 blank ballots.

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