December 21 2018,  Revere

First female City Council President and Vice President “dynamic duo” adorned with flowers

By Tara Vocino

A historic moment was celebrated Monday night during the last City Council meeting of the calendar year when the first-ever female City Council President and City Council Vice President, who served the city together in 2018, were recognized inside the City Council Chambers – and adorned with beautiful flowers.

City Council President Jessica Giannino and City Council Vice President Joanne McKenna were voted by their male colleagues to hold the positions of Council President and Council Vice President throughout 2018. According to Giannino, the council elects its own president and vice president yearly. City Clerk Ashley Melnik said on Tuesday that there is no ordinance regarding length of term, and that Giannino and McKenna can be reelected to serve the same role in 2019.

“It was a wonderful tribute for the only women on the Council to be voted by our male colleagues to hold the positions of President and Vice President of the Revere City Council,” McKenna said on Tuesday. “Since last January, Jessica and I wrote three major ordinances: Commercial Vehicles, Snow/Ice Removal and the City-Wide Permit Parking.”

Giannino said on Tuesday that she and McKenna have worked on many other motions, ranging from making parks safer to working to ban plastic bags. Called “the dynamic duo” by many, they put forth countless other motions that were passed and developed, some of which The Revere Advocate has covered.

According to Melnik, past female council presidents were as follows:


1976: Elvira Curcio, Rita Singer

1977: Elvira Curcio, Rita Singer

1978: Elvira Curcio, Rita Singer

1979: Elvira Curcio, Rita Singer

1980: Elvira Curcio, Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1981: Elvira Curcio, Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1982: Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1983: Catherine Penn (President), Rita Singer

1984: Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1985: Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1986: Catherine Penn, Rita Singer

1987: Rita Singer

1988: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1989: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1990: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1991: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1992: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1993: Linda Rosa, Rita Singer

1996: Denise Salemi

1997: Denise Salemi

1998: Denise Salemi

1999: Denise Salemi

2012: Jessica Giannino

2013: Jessica Giannino

2014: Jessica Giannino

2015: Jessica Giannino

2016: Jessica Giannino (President), Joanne McKenna

2017: Jessica Giannino, Joanne McKenna


Past female council vice presidents were:

Rita Singer, 1980

Linda Rosa, 1990 and 1993

Jessica Giannino, 2013, according to Melnik.


Giannino and McKenna said that they have enjoyed working together to move this city forward and to make a difference.

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