Everett,  September 28 2018

Gaming Chair Crosby resigns amid charges of bias

By The Advocate

Stephen Crosby

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chair Stephen Crosby resigned Wednesday afternoon, stating that accusations of bias both for and against Wynn Resort’s Encore Boston Harbor project had made his continued presence on the board untenable.

Crosby’s resignation comes as the commission’s long-awaited report on its investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct by Wynn Resort’s founder, Steve Wynn, nears release.

Crosby has been accused of bias a number of times since joining the commission at its inception in 2011. According to Crosby, Steve Wynn’s attorneys have accused him of having “already made up my mind against Steve Wynn regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct,” while Mohegan Sun has alleged, occasionally in the form of a lawsuit, that he “had already made up my mind in favor of Wynn Resorts in the suitability investigations.”

Most recently, Crosby had been accused of “prejudging the outcome of the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau’s ongoing investigation regarding the suitability of Wynn Resorts,” according to his resignation letter.

“I simply cannot let my involvement in these critical deliberations be used by others to hamper the Commission’s ability to do its work, or to undermine the confidence of the public in that work,” he wrote. “There has never been a shred of truth or accuracy to any charge of bias, favoritism, corrupt practice, ethics violations, or prejudgment in my execution of this job.”

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