Featured News,  January 11 2019,  Revere

Guinasso and Keefe elected 2019 City Council leaders

By Tara Vocino

In a unanimous vote, 2019 City Council President Arthur Guinasso Sr. and 2019 Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Jr. were elected on Monday night at City Hall with 2018 Council President Jessica Giannino and 2018 Council Vice President Joanne McKenna exiting their year-long positions.

The longest-serving City Councillor, Arthur Guinasso, of 32 years, was elected Council President. He served as Council President during 1993 and 2016. Guinasso serves the ward 3 district.

“Any time people call me, I return their call quickly,” Guinasso said on Wednesday afternoon. “Returning calls is the secret to longevity. They know that I understand and respect them so much.”

A Revere High School and Bentley University graduate, Guinasso worked as a Research Financial Grant Manager in the neuroscience department. He also helped to initiate the New England Organ Bank.

He is proud of supporting, during his city council tenure, the new police station in 2006, the building of five new schools and two new fire stations, and multiple improvements to ladder trucks and police cruisers. Guinasso wrote an ordinance with former City Clerk John Henry that requires dogs deemed to be dangerous and trained for the wrong purpose to be chained in the backyard, with the exception of vet visits. He also helped to require dumpers to be enclosed.

City Council Vice President Patrick Keefe, Jr., a 15-year Revere resident, is starting his fourth year as a City Councillor. Keefe serves the ward 4 district.

Keefe said Monday that he is truly humbled by the opportunity to serve on what he called a great city council and the citizens of ward 4. “Most of my day-to-day focus is based on taking care of the constituents of ward 4,” Keefe said. “Quality-of-life issues, public safety, and continuing to make Revere the best place to live and raise a family.”

However, now that he is 2019 City Council Vice President, his goals will change a bit to reflect his city-wide position. “Some of my upcoming goals are to help bring a city-wide resident permit parking program to fruition and help establish a short-term rental ordinance in Revere,” Keefe said. “Some of my fellow councillors and I are also hopeful to jump on board with the single use plastic bag ban.”

Guinasso thanked McKenna and Giannino for bringing not only law and order into the city council meetings but tradition, as they were the first female Council President and Vice President to serve in that role together in Revere’s history.

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(Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)