December 14 2018,  Saugus

“Healthy Students – Healthy Saugus” gets early Christmas present to help the hungry

HOLIDAY CONTRIBUTION: A representative of The General Electric Employees Good Neighbor Fund (GEEGNF) makes a huge contribution to the Healthy Students – Healthy Saugus (HS2) Board of Directors (BOD) on Wednesday. From left to right are Alexandra Sweet, HS2 BOD; Lindsey E. Egan, Esq., HS2 BOD; Bill Muise, GEEGNF BOD; Dr. David DeRuosi, Saugus School Superintendent & HS2 BOD; Anna-Ellen Library, HS2 BOD; and James Osgood, HS2 BOD. (Courtesy photo by Dennis Gould to The Saugus Advocate)

Organizers of “Healthy Students – Healthy Saugus” (HS2) will be able to spend more on food for needy families over the holidays and through the new year. The General Electric Employees Good Neighbor Fund presented the HS2 Board of Directors with a check for $5,000 on Wednesday.

“This grant will jump start our fundraising efforts for 2019 to fully fund the needed food purchases to assure our students we serve have nutritious food every weekend and school vacations throughout the school year,” said HS2 Board President Dennis Gould.

The Saugus United Parish Food Pantry – in collaboration with the Saugus Faith Community, the Saugus School Superintendent and area businesses and organizations – is running the initiative called Healthy Students – Healthy Saugus, which aims to address food insecurity in the Saugus public school system. HS2 launched in October and currently is serving 54 Saugus children with food bags each Friday. For more details about the program and the churches involved, please check “Saugus Faith Notes” in The Advocate.

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