December 07 2018,  Revere

Homeless pedestrian struck and killed on Rte. 1

By Tara Vocino


According to a State Police Media spokesperson, Leith Antonio Latiker, 49, believed to be homeless, died after two cars reportedly hit him while he was walking along Route 1 at approximately 7:20 p.m.

A man who witnessed last Friday’s fatal accident on the Malden-Revere line along Route 1 South hopes that the homeless victim gets the respect he deserves.

“Apparently a pedestrian was walking down the highway near Brenna’s,” said Rory Leadbetter, who works with the homeless. “I saw the body in the right lane. I thought it was a bag, but my friend, who was driving, thought it was a person, because she saw blood. Plus, a few cars pulled over. I didn’t know what was going on, but she said there was debris in the street and what looked like a body.”

Leadbetter said regardless of whether he was homeless or not, Latiker is a child, a brother, a cousin or someone to somebody. “I hope this isn’t being swept under the rug, because he was homeless,” Leadbetter said. “This is awful-sounding, and God brought people into this earth, not to be taken away by a jerk.”

Leadbetter said he saw two to five cars pulled over. He remembers a woman with glasses getting out of a car.

“I saw stuff came off of a truck, and my friend said, ‘I hope that isn’t what I think it is,” he said. “She knew, because of the blood. I hoped it was someone’s trash.”


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