December 28 2018,  Malden

Let the Holiday Spirit Last!

Let the Holiday Spirit Last!

 By Virginia Ruane

It is a wonderful time of the year! Yes, it is! Christmas season is here!

Recently, I went shopping in the Mall with all my coupons.  I was little overwhelmed with my gift list. Next year I have got to cut it down. It seems that I said I would cut down for this year.  Oh well, I will remember to do it next year.

As I entered the Mall, I could hear the Christmas songs, some sweet, some funny and warm and a few Carols.  I suddenly felt uplifted. Immediately my mood changed. That heavy feeling I had coming to the mall had disappeared. They even played my favorite hymn, O Holy Night. I was happy to hear all the Christmas songs and loved the decorations.

I found all the gifts I was looking for and all my coupons were honored. I was so thrilled with everything. Even gifts that cost more than I had wanted to pay, I happily paid the price.

At my humble abode, Forestdale Park, I was speaking with 2 of the aides about gifts they received at Christmas. They told me about the wonderful gifts they received. I reminisced about the Shirley Temple Doll I once received. (Oh, how I wanted to be just like her.) I asked them if they had ever heard of Shirley Temple. They said, “NO”. I could not believe my ears.  But then why would they know her as she was around when I was young- many years ago.

I had the Christmas spirit. I was saying Merry Christmas to everyone. I even threw a kiss to Santa and yelled to him, “Don’t forget me Santa.” He gave me a big wave and said, “Be good.” Now that won’t be easy! It just felt so good.

As the Christmas season comes to an end, What next? New Year’s Eve parties and resolutions that you know will never last. (Losing weight was always my primary resolution.) I would love to have that Christmas spirit extend into the New Year. If only we could greet one another with a smile every day of the year. What a good feeling it would be if each of us could extend our hand to our neighbors, no matter who they may be.

I wish you all a happy New Year, and God’s blessings for good health in 2019!!

Virginia Ruane is a lifelong Malden resident. Send comments and suggestions to

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