Everett,  January 19 2018

Letter-to-the-Editor:  Everett, proud to be Haitian-American

Letter-to-the-Editor:  Everett, proud to be Haitian-American


Dear Editor,

Everett, Happy New Year!

For 2018, I pray that this year be filled with God’s love, prosperity and good health for each one of you.

In 2017, a year filled with many surprises in politics, we are still in need of good representation throughout our government. We need leaders who embody our values, our hearts, and our passions. Not just individuals looking to gain notoriety and influence. However, last week, within the first weeks of our new year, we were told by the media news outlets that our President stated some disparaging and egregious comments in a meeting with many witnesses there to recount what happened.

As many of you know, my parents were born in Haiti – a country with a rich history of being the first colony with African slaves to gain their independence. My great-grandfather was a senator in Haiti. My great-uncle who was an excellent student in the country of Haiti was recruited to attend Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His academic pursuit was the catalyst of the Adrien family, leaving Haiti to come to the United States of America to do the same, and pursue the American Dream. My parents moved to Everett in 1995 to purchase their first home, in Ward 4. They worked hard, became proficient in English, had three children, went to church every Sunday and was involved in the community. My accomplishments are attributed to my parents, instilling in me the values of hard work and kindness.

In early 2017, I received a new opportunity to work at Boston Medical Center in the Hematology-Oncology Department. I help clinical doctors and researchers find cures or remedies for blood-related, cancer and sickle cell-related diseases. I am also now a candidate for a Masters of Business Administration at Boston University, where I am focusing on Finance and Health Sector Management. I won my first MBA case Competition in Maryland in my first semester. I still give back, and my faith is stronger than ever.

I am very proud of my parents and my entire family’s background. I am a PROUD Haitian-American. I will never regret my history. I hope that the president grows to understand that Haiti is a fantastic country, who has fallen through hard times, like many countries in the world. However, we are great people who believe in hard work, kindness and have hearts filled with love. We will overcome!

Please get to know us and our story. Talk to us. Walk with us. Listen to us. As for our government representation in 2018, please listen to all of us and learn more about our questions, concerns, needs and joys. You represent us. And, we need you standing up for us.


Again, Happy New Year!

With Love,

Gerly Adrien

Everett, MA

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