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Letter to the Editor:  Parents speak out against school layoffs

Letter to the Editor:  Parents speak out against school layoffs


Dear editor,

We are parents of a wonderful 12 year old son, who is currently a 6th grader at the George Keverian Middle School in the Everett Public Schools. We are very thankful for all the hard work teachers, support staff and school administrators do not only for our son, but for all the children in our schools.

There is no way that the city of Everett can move forward on the cuts that it is proposing to the schools without causing unreasonable disruption and harm to the education we want for all of the children in our Everett Public Schools. If we truly believe that “Everett Schools are Everett’s Pride,” then we need to adequately fund our Everett public schools to show a real commitment to our children and the future of our city.

All of the students in the city’s public schools deserve to have access to a variety of opportunities and to benefit from the expertise of many different educators. Our community is wonderfully broad and diverse, so naturally there are many needs to be met in our schools. Drastically shrinking the staff will inevitably limit opportunities, and once they are gone, children who missed out cannot get those opportunities back.

Mid-year cuts of this magnitude are shocking and raise a dire warning about how our community is managing itself. We are not gambling on our children’s future, so we plan to attend the City Council meeting on Feb. 12 to defend public education in Everett and hold our elected leaders accountable for doing the same.

If you are reading this letter and you also are parents with kids in our public school system and share the same concerns, we ask you to do the same.



Eneida Rodriguez and Edwin Argueta

Parents and Everett Residents

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