Revere,  September 28 2018

Letter to the Editor: Slap in the face to the City of Revere – burial of Cohasset’s Whale

Letter to the Editor: Slap in the face to the City of Revere – burial of Cohasset’s Whale


Commissioner Leo Roy

Department of Conservation and Recreation

251 Causeway Street, Suite 900

Boston, MA 02114-2104


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Dear Commissioner Roy,

I write to you today with regard to the 30-foot whale that washed up onto Revere Beach on Friday, September 21, 2018. As a resident who lives along Revere Beach, and as the state representative who represents Revere, many constituents contacted me on Friday and through the weekend voicing concerns about the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) decision to bury the whale in the sand of America’s First Public Beach. I, too, have serious concerns about the burial of the whale in our sand, and I have some questions regarding the actions taken on Friday.

Why did NOAA recommend and request that the whale, in its entirety, be buried in Revere as opposed to towing it back out to sea, perhaps in pieces? It has been proven that this was the same whale that washed up onto a town beach in Cohasset approximately a week prior. Why was the recommendation not made to bury it in the first place? How did officials and NOAA allow it to be towed out to sea in Cohasset? Even though it was a town-owned beach, I would imagine the same entity that DCR called in should have been called into Cohasset a couple weeks ago. Further, was the whale washed up at Boston Light on Friday buried? Did the seals that washed up in Lynn and Swampscott get buried in the sand too?

All too often, Revere bears the brunt of Greater Boston’s environmental burdens (ash in the unlined landfill that is located within the Rumney Marshes Area of Critical Environmental Concern, low airplanes flying over our neighborhoods, the gas tanks that service all of New England, the traffic of the North Shore). As Revere’s representative, my constituents deserve better. Our leaders at state and federal agencies need to start stepping up to protect communities like Revere instead of always protecting more affluent communities in the Commonwealth. In my opinion, the whale should have been respectfully cut up into pieces and towed out to sea; not buried in the sand of a beach where millions of people recreate throughout the year.

I am requesting that NOAA and DCR exhume the whale, and remove it from America’s First Public Beach. Thank you for your consideration of this letter, and I look forward to further discussions on this issue.




RoseLee Vincent

State Representative

16th Suffolk District

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