Lynnfield,  September 7 2018

Local home improvement company weighs in on LCWD water quality

 By Christopher Roberson


Brain Mace of 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has a customer on Willowby Way who will end up spending nearly $7,000 to resolve the issue of discolored water.

Mace said his customer, who receives her water from the Lynnfield Center Water District (LCWD), wishes to remain anonymous. He also said she has already spent $350 on an independent water test. Mace said the results of that test revealed that the level of nitrates and sulfates was “right under the allowable level” of 10.0.

“It has a bunch of stuff in there that needs to come out,” said Mace.

To rectify the problem, he said, his customer will need a commercial grade water softener, a reverse osmosis system and a carbon filter. Mace said the total cost of the equipment and the installation will likely be between “$6,500 and $6,900.” “It’s an expensive thing to treat water properly,” he said.

During the Aug. 27 meeting of the LCWD Board of Water Commissioners, Superintendent Kenneth Burnham said the water district does not test discolored water from residents’ homes. He said the reason is because the results could be skewed by contaminates in the homeowner’s piping network.

However, Mace said he did not agree with Burnham’s thought process. “That’s not 100 percent correct,” he said, adding that backflow and water coming into a home are the only factors that would cause water to become discolored.

Mace said the better option would be to test the water in 10 homes and make an assessment based on the median of the resulting figures.

Ryan Williams, the company’s general manager, said letting the water run until it is clear tends to be a time-consuming process for many homeowners. “Rather than wasting water by turning it on for the recommended 15-30 minutes to make sure it’s clean before using, we recommend investing in a whole-home water filtration to protect your family’s health and save time,” he said in a written statement. “Discoloration, while not always dangerous, is a notable inconvenience and can cost homeowners valuable time as well as money when they have to replace fixtures ruined by iron deposits.”

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