April 13 2018,  Lynnfield,  Peabody

Lynnfield brothers bring musical show to Lynn Auditorium

Lynnfield brothers bring musical show to Lynn Auditorium

 By Greg Phipps

Backed by a 25-piece orchestra plus rhythm section, Freda World Music, led by Lynnfield brothers Joseph and Anthony Freda, performed their show “The Dream” before an appreciative audience Saturday night at the Lynn Auditorium. The two-part, 23-song set consisted of 14 original tunes written and composed by Joseph Freda, who demonstrated his virtuoso skill on guitar throughout the show. In addition, classic opera pieces from iconic composers, such as Franz Schubert, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi, were performed; Anthony Freda displayed his great vocal range on the opera material.

Both men are natives of Italy. Joseph moved to the United States when he was 16 with older brother Italo. The younger Anthony came over three years later. Joseph attended the Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music; Anthony earned music degrees from both Berklee and the Boston Conservatory.

At Saturday’s show they were joined by North Shore area vocalists Ryann Murray, a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, and Patty Vellucci, who was a member of the band Obstructed View, along with Joseph Freda, some years back. The show was an interesting mix of classical, opera, jazz and traditional pop melodies and ballads. There was a very local, family-like atmosphere to the performance, as members of the band often waved to people they recognized in the crowd.

The jazz-inspired opening instrumental piece to the second set was highlighted by Joseph Freda’s lead guitar. Murray was terrific on all her solo stints, including Schubert’s classic “Ave Maria.” But “Call Me,” one of Joseph Freda’s compositions, was particularly moving. Vellucci belted out the more bluesy “Since You’re Gone,” another Freda tune.

Anthony Freda provided the lead on the majority of the opera songs. His voice resonated with power and he won over the admiration of the crowd. The show’s final song, “Stay,” had the gathering on its feet.

Boston Symphony and Boston Pops percussionist Neil Grover conducted the orchestra, which incorporated violin, viola, cello, bass, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and flute sections, along with the timpani. The rhythm section consisted of Steven Jones on piano, Sergio Bellotti on drums and Kevin Norris on bass.

The show has reportedly been in the works for two years. In a recent interview, Joseph Freda said his mother’s love of classical and his grandfather’s love of opera influenced him as a child. He said it was the music he and Anthony grew up with. “Classical music is in my blood. And I love jazz; it offers so much more freedom to explore the music,” he said.

The three brothers – Joseph, Anthony and Italo – produced the event.

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