Lynnfield,  September 28 2018

Lynnfield Center Water District to continue water main flushing

The Lynnfield Center Water District (LCWD) will be conducting a high-velocity water main flushing of the distribution system during normal business until the end of October. This is part of the ongoing regular maintenance of the water distribution system.

Please refer to the district’s website, www.LCWD.US, for the complete listing of street schedule dates and times for flushing. Any changes and updates to the schedule will be posted on the LCWD website.

Residents might experience discolored water, low pressure or no pressure during this process. Discolored water should clear after running cold water for a short period of time. Residents are also advised to avoid doing laundry during the flushing period and to check their water first by running cold water for a few minutes after each day’s flushing period before starting their washing machine. If customers experience lower pressure at a faucet after the flushing, they should check the faucet screen for particles which may have collected and clean it out if necessary.

Customers may contact the LCWD office at 781-334-3901 with any questions.

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