June 8 2018,  Lynnfield

Lynnfield High School graduates 157

 By Christopher Roberson


Speaking to the graduates of the Class of 2018 for the last time, Superintendent of Schools Jane Tremblay remembered when she first met them in September 2014.

“I feel a special bond with your class, we both entered LHS in the fall of 2014, you as timid freshmen, apprehensive and a little bit in awe of the journey that you were about to embark on,” she said. “I must admit, I was feeling very much the same way as I too was embarking on a new journey, a journey of leading you as your superintendent – Class of 2018, it looks like we did okay.”

During the June 1 graduation ceremony, Tremblay urged the class to always remember Lynnfield.

“No matter where your tomorrow brings you, you must never forget that it all started here, in this small, little town north of Boston,” she said. “This town, Lynnfield, will always be known to you in your heart and in your soul as your home.”

Tremblay also recognized those who supported the graduates outside of the classroom.

“Your parents and significant adults in your life have stood witness and have been your biggest cheerleaders throughout your journey. They have rejoiced with you during times of celebration and they have comforted you through the challenges and disappointments,” she said. “Undoubtedly, you have had some sleepless nights over the past four years. However, I promise you this, the adults in your lives have had more sleepless nights over the past 18 years.”

In addition, Tremblay encouraged the graduates to be brave as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

“This fall when you find yourself in new surroundings, with new people, schedules, expectations and social norms, those same butterflies from the fall of 2014 will slowly begin to emerge again,” she said. “When that happens, think of today and all of the people at this celebration who believe in you and your abilities 100 percent.”

Valedictorian Analeigha Colarusso remembered when she and her classmates were still in elementary school eight years ago.

“It was the first time we spent hours away from home and in school,” she said. “For the first time in our lives we had actual responsibilities.”

Despite the challenges that popped up along the way, Colarusso said she and the Class of 2018 have always persevered.

“We are strong, passionate fighters,” she said. “Take the hits that life throws at you and know that you will be okay.”

Senior Class President Alexandra Ross thanked teachers Paul LaMonica, Susan Breen, Karen Ellis and Katie Belanger for their unwavering support, adding that teachers Jennifer Goguen and Elizabeth LaMonica were the “bookends” of her high school career.

“Not one of us can say, ‘I did this all myself,’” said Ross.

However, she said it was sad to know that, despite knowing one another since they were five years old, many of her fellow graduates may never see each other again.

“Right now, we’ve realized it wasn’t long enough,” she said. “Being your class president has been the utmost honor and the greatest joy.”

Although joking that she never figured out where the school’s pool was located, Student Council President Mia Ford said she will always treasure her high school years.

“We are now at the end of our time together,” she said.

Ford also credited the parents in the crowd.

“You were there to drag us out of bed in the morning when we hit snooze too many times,” she said. “We’ve survived every mid-term, final, SAT and ACT that we have taken.”
Assistant Principal Brian Bates said he first met the graduates when they were juniors, adding that they always had “each other’s backs.”

“When a classmate was down, you were always there to pick them up,” he said. “I’m glad to have crossed paths with you.”

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