Lynnfield,  November 9 2018

Lynnfield mostly sides with incumbents in general election

 By Christopher Roberson


Despite a decisive victory in the September primary, Jay Gonzalez was no match for Gov. Charlie Baker, who cruised to a second term in the Nov. 6 general election, capturing 66.9 percent of the vote. In Lynnfield, 5,012 voters favored Baker while Gonzalez garnered 1,056 votes.

In the U.S. Senate race, 3,515 Lynnfield residents voted for challenger Geoff Diehl, 2,544 voted for incumbent Elizabeth Warren and 191 voted for challenger Shiva Ayyadurai. Although Diehl topped the ticket in Lynnfield, he did not fare nearly as well on the state level, receiving 36.2 percent of the vote to Warren’s 60.3 percent. Ayyadurai finished in a distant third with 3.3 percent.

In the race for Attorney General, incumbent Maura Healey received 69.8 percent of the state vote and challenger James McMahon garnered 30.1 percent. In Lynnfield the vote was much closer, with Healey winning by 718 votes.

William Galvin received 70.7 percent of the state vote and will continue to serve as the Secretary of the Commonwealth. He was challenged by Anthony Amore, who received 25.4 percent, and Juan Sanchez, who received 3.8 percent. In Lynnfield, 3,574 voters favored Galvin versus 2,457 for Amore and 96 for Sanchez.

In the congressional race to represent Massachusetts’s Sixth District, incumbent Seth Moulton secured 65.2 percent of the state vote as he soundly defeated challenger Joseph Schneider, who had 31.3 percent, and challenger Mary Jean Charbonneau, who had 3.3 percent. In Lynnfield, the results were somewhat closer with less than 1,000 votes separating Moulton and Schneider. Charbonneau finished with 173 votes.

The race for Governor’s Councillor had one of the greatest margins of victory, as incumbent Terrance Kennedy defeated challenger Vincent Dixon, 85.4 to 14.5 percent. The Lynnfield results also showed a sizable gulf with 4,101 votes for Kennedy and 1,187 for Dixon.

Regarding the three ballot questions, 70.2 percent of Massachusetts voters said no on Question 1 to limit the nurse to patient ratio while 29.8 percent said yes. In Lynnfield, 4,998 voters said no on the ballot question while 1,181 said yes.

On Question 2, which asked for the establishment of a Citizens Commission, 71.3 percent of statewide voters said yes and 28.7 percent said no. In Lynnfield, 3,824 voters said yes and 2,243 said no.

For Question 3 regarding gender identity rights, 67.7 percent of the state’s voters said yes and 32.2 percent said no. In Lynnfield, 3,572 voters said yes and 2,602 voters said no.

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