August 17 2018,  Lynnfield

Lynnfield’s Cub Scout Pack 48 enjoys summer campout adventure

Pack 48 Cub Scouts learn how to safely use pocket knives. From left to right: Zachary Wehle, Skye Curley, Jayden Ing, Maui Ing, Patrick Curley, Alan Curley, Tyler Ing, Hannah Curley.

Lynnfield’s Cub Scout Pack 48 celebrated a summer campout adventure at Harold Parker State Forest.

After arriving at the large group campsite, the Scouts helped their parents set up tents then explored the local pond for a fishing expedition. Upon returning to camp, they discovered a sneaky chipmunk had found its way into one of the packages of hamburger buns intended for that night’s dinner. One scout wisely remarked, “The chipmunk must’ve needed that food more than we did!” Fortunately, the Scouts had brought plenty of food.

Mike Wehle, the father of Wolf Scout Zachary, and Maui Ing, the father of Bear Scout Tyler, used a portable grill to cook up hotdogs and hamburgers for the Pack dinner.

Bear Scout Den Leader Patrick Curley, father of Alan, taught the Scouts how to start a campfire without using matches. Each Scout learned how to use a flint and steel to generate sparks to start the fire. To make things a little bit easier, he showed the Scouts that they could dip cotton balls in a little bit of Vaseline as a bit of fire starter. With a few sparks from the flint and steel, the cotton balls lit up and lit of the kindling the Scouts had gathered for the campfire.

For dessert, the Scouts roasted s’mores on the open fire. That night after everyone was settled in their tents, it rained but the tents kept everybody dry, and the following day was beautiful. The Scouts toasted bagels on the campfire for breakfast and helped take down the tents and break camp.

Pack 48 is an active, fun organization for Lynnfield’s youngsters. Children can join Cub Scouts from as early as kindergarten and as late as fifth grade. Scouting’s motto is “do your best,” and Pack 48 takes that to heart with a focus on having fun, enjoying the camaraderie of other Scouts from across town, exploring the outdoors and learning new things.

Pack 48 will host an open house recruiting event from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 20 at Huckleberry Hill School.

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