July 6 2018,  Malden

Malden Arts reaches fundraising goal of $27,000 for the ARTLine

Malden Arts is pleased to announce that it has exceeded its fundraising goal of $27,000 and is now eligible to receive $27,000 in matching funds from MassDevelopment for the ARTLine project! With an outpouring of support from 160 generous donors in the local community, more than $34,000 has been raised since the start of the organization’s “Patronicity Campaign” on May 20.

“We are so appreciative of the entire community for helping to make this dream a reality,” said Malden Arts President Naomi Brave. “People really got behind this idea of bringing murals and sculptures to Malden, and we have had such overwhelming support it has been very humbling.” ARTLine is grateful to its “VIP” donors: John Preotle and City Councillors Jadeanne Sica, David Camell, Neal Anderson and Craig Spadafora. Councillors Debbie DeMaria and Ryan O’Malley as well as the David A. DeMaria Foundation generously supported the Ed Emberley Mural, which began the whole process.

Malden Arts now has the resources needed to start the first phase of the ARTLine, a project to provide art along the Northern Strand Community Trail (Bike Path) in Malden. The organization’s next step will be to send out a national “call to artists” to solicit high-quality mural designs and a “call for walls” aimed at Malden business owners to secure walls along the trail to install the murals. Details of Phase 1 of the project and ways to get involved may be found on the Malden Arts website: www.maldenarts.org.

“I could not be more pleased with the great strides of Malden Arts to ensure that Malden is a strong and vibrant arts community,” said Mayor Gary Christenson. “The Ed Emberley mural has made a tremendous difference in our downtown, and I look forward to additional projects that will enhance and brighten our public spaces!”

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