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Malden Neighborhood Basketball League News

Malden Neighborhood Basketball League News

*Season 34 is Officially Underway as 2 teams played both their games with

5 players each – 1 went 2-0 but the other went 0-2!! 

Saturday 1-5-19

Game 1 – Celtics 60 Hawks 23

           The Emerald opens our season with a dominant victory behind a 14-1 advantage after the 1st quarter. S. Cherefant led the team with (16) B. Culleton added (13) and A. Cohen had (12) for the Green. The Hawks struggled throughout the game to find that next level as they played with 6 players and the lead scorer A. Nguyen had just 7 points. On a good note they did not quit and actually outscored the Celts 9-8 in the 4th quarter.

Game 2 – Sonics 38 Pistons 36

           Sonics new look, new coach, Held their opponent to 10 total points combined in the 2nd & 3rd quarters but they had to Hold on to this one as they were outscored 16-12 in the final frame. A Win is a Win as they say. Y. Jalal dropped (13) and D. Philippe had (12) but it was Piston M. Niboh with a game high (17) sadly in a loss.

Game 3 – Lakers 37 Bullets 22

The Battle of 5 “players” – Showcased Day 2 & the Rev bringing home the victory in the oldest rivalry in the MNBL. Thanks to a strong 14-6 advantage in the 4th quarter, to seal the Win. G. Germay had a game high (10) for the Purple squad. 2 Bullets J. Kelley & A. Jonassaint had (7) each in this unlike Day 1 lackluster loss.


Sunday 1-6-19

Game 1 – Kings 56 Sixers 45           

           The Kings trying to rewrite the past 2 seasons, start out on the correct path so far. As A. Chen (17) & J. Song (11) set the pace and kept it up all 40 minutes. Kings showed Great ball movement and team unity throughout. The Crimson were powered by A. Baires with (16) and M. Lopes with (12) the 2nd quarter told the story as the sixers were outscored 23-6 as halftime hit.

Game 2 – Celtics 70 Bullets 36

           Emerald dominate again with a jump start 24-4 lead at the end of the 1st behind a Game & Weekend high score from S. Kelley with (31) and S. Cherefant contributes with (11) as the other Kelley on the Bullets – J. Kelley led his team with a solid (13) Again Bullets struggled with just 5 players and no time to rest … They will Wright the ship, especially if Mark Gagnon has a voice.

Game 3 – Lakers 48 Hawks 15

Lakers with just 5 players again, beat down the Yellow & Red. As the Hawks couldn’t muster more than 6 pts any quarter all game. Lakers showed very balanced scoring as the game progressed. G. Germay led the way again with (19) H. Jean-Baptiste dropped (16) and K. Odivin had (11) in the big win. The Hawks sadly had no one in double digits this game but that’s week 1 for ya’ as all teams are still adjusting to find their rhythm.





Next Weeks Games (Special Times Sunday)

ALL games played @ The Ferryway School off Ferry St. 2nd floor

Sat 1-12                                       Sun 1-13

1:15 Kings Pistons                        5:15 Sonics Kings

2:30 Hawks Bullets                      6:30 Lakers Celtics

3:45 Sonics Sixers                        7:45 Pistons Sixers


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