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Malden Neighborhood Basketball League Results

Malden Neighborhood Basketball League Results


Week 8


Saturday, February 24


Game 1 – Bullets 72, Hawks 71, OT

  What a game to open up with! The top team in the league, “The Hawks” – and the only team to have clinched a spot so far in the madness – fell to the third-place Bullets (who are still in the running for first place) in dramatic fashion in Overtime. A. Mutebi led the way for the blue men, scoring 8 of his game-high 29 in OT, as T. Bazley and A. Sequar helped out with 12 each in the Big Win, with two weeks to go before the madness. Four Hawks got into the double-digit scoring bracket, with L. Walker (18) leading the way again, as R. Cole (15), A. Alterio (14) and J. Nunez (13) did their best to make it a game.

Game 2 – Celtics 76, Pistons 46

  The Celtics punched their ticket to the madness and jumped into first place in the same game. Despite the game-high 20 from Pistons M. Tafese, who did most of his damage in the second half, The Emerald dominated from the jump as they put up a 40-15 lead at the half. Celtic S. Cherefant led with 17 and M. Preziosa added 11.

Game 3 – Sonics 58, Lakers 57

  And now what a game to end the day as the third game took us to the wire. Sonic “Rookie of the Year” candidate J. Sorrano had the game-high 27, and last year’s “R.O.T.Y” had 10 of his own en route to the big victory. The Lakers, who came back strong all game, actually outscored their opponent in the second half, 37-24, but fell by just one. B. Stickney (21), R. Moore (18) and W. Johnson (12) did their due diligence for the purple.



Sunday, February 25


Game 1 – Sonics 64, Kings 43

  The Sonics did it again and jumped into fourth place in the standings, with their third win in a row. Behind a monster game from X. Sorrano (31), J. Montiero, who has been stepping up his game lately, had 18, and J. Sorrano chipped in another 13. The Kings opened the first quarter with just two points, and that pretty much told the story of the game from there on, as only “Big Walt” Annaletto reached the double digits with 12 for the Kings.

Game 2 – Hawks, 77 Sixers 55

  The Hawks got back to their winning ways after yesterday’s tough loss and stayed half a game from first. “MVP candidate” L. Walker played no games in this one – dropped eight three-pointers and a game-high 37 – and R. Cole added 17 in the big win. U. LeBron scored a team-high 20 for the Crimson as they suffered a tough one.

Game 3 – Bullets 65, Pistons 62

  The Men in Blue couldn’t shake the Pistons, who actually held a three-point lead at the half. M. Niboh (24) and M. Tafese (23) led the Pistons’ offense. But we got a game-high 29 from “MVP candidate” A. Mutebi of Day 1’s bullet squad, 23 of it in the second half. A. Sequar only had two in the second half but had 10 in the game, helping his squad stay one game out of first place in the standings and one win away from clinching a spot in the madness.



Malden Neighborhood Basketball League
Team W L  Games behind Streak
Celtics – c 9 2 0 W-4
Hawks – c 9 3 0.5 W-1
Bullets 8 3 1 W-2
Sonics 5 6 4 W-3
Lakers 4 6 4.5 L-1
Sixers 4 7 5 L-1
Pistons 4 8 5.5 L-5
Kings 2 10 7.5 L-4
C playoff-bound


Saturday, March 3 Sunday, March 4
Celtics Kings Lakers Celtics
Hawks Sonics Bullets Kings
Bullets Lakers Sixers Pistons


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