June 22 2018,  Revere

Mayor announces $2 million surplus to be returned to Revere ratepayers

Rate decrease is the first in nearly two decades

Special to The Advocate

Mayor Brian Arrigo presented Monday night as part of the 2019 City of Revere Budget, a $2 million check to the city’s ratepayers. The announcement represents a 3.09% decrease in ratepayer bills and Revere’s first water and sewer rate reduction in 19 years. The decrease is supported through a $5 million surplus that was realized through recent infrastructure improvements and the replacement of 95% of the city’s water meters. The additional $3 million in savings will be reinvested into the system and help create more sustainable, stable water rates for the people of Revere.

Tonight represents just one way we are creating a smarter, more efficient government for the people of Revere,” Mayor Arrigo said. “Our residents deserve the best state-of-the-art systems, and when the City benefits from those investments, we believe our residents should share in that savings.”

Revere’s water ratepayers have seen a 60% increase in their bills over the past decade. Below is a historical snapshot of Revere’s water rates:

2008 increase 13.46%

2009 increase 2.37%

2010 increase: 7.81%

2011 increase: 14.49%

2012 increase: 2.86%

2013 increase: 8.05%

2014 increase: 3.52%

2015 increase: 2.29%

2016 increase: 1.94%

2017 increase: 1.42%

2018 increase: 2.17%

2019 decrease: 3.09%


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