August 17 2018,  Everett

Mayor DeMaria and Everett Police Host 12th Annual National Night Out

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie celebrated the 12th annual National Night Out last Tuesday with hundreds of Everett residents.

Before the National Night Out barbecue and party, residents gathered in each ward with their city councilors and members of the police force. Each group then walked together through Everett to the city’s recreational center, where everyone enjoyed listening to music and eating freshly grilled food.

Chief Mazzie and local and state government officials gave speeches about the event and the importance of strong relations between the police and community. A few police officers also gave a demonstration showing how they train the dogs of the K-9 division.

“By attending this event, Everett residents become more aware of what our police officers – and police dogs – do every day,” said Mayor DeMaria. “National Night Out is both informative and fun for everyone, especially the kids. Every summer, it gets better and better. It’s a great time for Everett residents to meet and get to know each other and the EPD.”

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