January 4 2019,  Revere

Mixed reviews for making Crest and Bradstreet Avenues one-way

By Tara Vocino

During last Thursday night’s Traffic Commission public hearing in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, Crest Avenue residents David and Kim Lyons said having Crest Avenue become one-way would make for a longer commute home. However, they understand the reasoning behind it – to allow for street parking. They said residents have to park their cars along the sidewalk. (Advocate photo by Tara Vocino)

For a 60-day trial period, two streets near the MBTA station will soon become one-way so that Beachmont residents will have enough room to park their cars on the street instead of the sidewalk.

According to Traffic Commission Chairman Paul Argenzio, who is also the Department of Public Works Superintendent, Bradstreet Avenue will now be one-way in an easterly direction toward the water from Atlantic Avenue – for a 60-day trial period. Crest Avenue will now be one-way running westerly from Bateman Road – also for a 60-day trial period. However, the change won’t be effective for a couple of weeks, as signs have to be installed, Argenzio said Friday morning.

Traffic commissioners also voted Thursday night during a public hearing to make the north side of Frye Street no parking, according to Argenzio.

Thirty-year Crest Avenue residents Kim and David Lyons were at the public hearing to see what changes were being made regarding the decision for temporary or permanent one-way enforcement. “Some residents would prefer a two-way in the easterly direction,” Kim Lyons said at the podium. “A one-way vote will result in a longer commute home.”

Her husband, David, said that unfortunately there isn’t a good solution, because their street, which has approximately five houses, is narrow. They weren’t there to speak in opposition necessarily, but rather to note there are pros and cons to having Crest Avenue traffic run in either one or both directions.

“However, it will make the traffic flow better,” David Lyons said. “If it stays one-way, we won’t have to park our cars along the sidewalk.” David Lyons said fire engines, plows and trash trucks have a tough time squeezing onto the street. Fire Chief Christopher Bright, who serves on the Traffic Commission, agreed.

Neighboring Endicott Avenue could also become one-way, either temporarily or permanently, but the commission tabled that decision until the next meeting since few ward councillors were present for the duration of the hour-long public hearing.

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