December 22, 2017,  Everett

Napolitano secures votes for Council President

Councillor-at-Large Peter Napolitano has secured the votes to become Council President for the 2018 legislative session. It will be his first time in the president’s seat, despite having served on the council and its predecessor, the common council, off and on since 1999.

Napolitano was not the only councillor seeking the gavel this year. Once it became clear that Napolitano had the votes, however, the candidate withdrew from the contest to make the council’s vote unanimous. Napolitano did a similar thing himself last year, when he withdrew from an attempt at the presidency once it became clear that Ward 3 Councillor Anthony DiPierro had enough support.

Napolitano will take the president’s gavel from DiPierro after the city’s Inauguration Ceremony on January 2 at 6:00 p.m. at Everett High School

Napolitano was a business owner in Everett Square when he first got involved in city politics, and he became a key figure in the push to modernize Everett’s government, retiring its bi-cameral system of 25 members spread across a board of aldermen and common council, and establishing in its place the current unicameral city council system which has been in place for four years.

Napolitano reportedly plans to continue the Charter Commission’s unfinished work and put into place several recommendation’s that were never implemented due to a resignation. He also hopes to create a city council budget item for celebrations, and to spread awareness about the council’s public participation.

Napolitano has yet to announce any committee assignments, and likely will not until next year.

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