December 21 2018,  Revere

New sign serves as entryway to city

By Tara Vocino

The Revere Beautification Committee dedicated a new sign at Point of Pines bus stop, serving as an entryway to the city, last Thursday afternoon.

Project Organizer Carol Haney said the faded sign was in terrible disrepair, and the committee’s mission is to beautify the image of Revere. Quicksilver Graphix Sign Company designed the sign, according to Haney. The area was dedicated in memory of Edward Shaughnessy Jr., 17, who died in a car accident while driving home from work.

“It looks outstanding,” Ward 5 City Councillor John Powers said. “It’s a good entryway to Revere coming from Lynn — it’s nice and bright.”

Powers said aesthetically, the sign adds so much to the area.

Commuter Ross Farinella was waiting at the bus stop when he said the sign looks beautiful.

“I’m happy to see the investment in Point of Pines,” Farinella said.

Project Planner Elle Baker said it sets the tone for when drivers come into the city from Lynn.

“It’s a great welcoming symbol,” Baker said.

Beautification Committee Member Ron Champoux said it enhances the city and shows a positive progressive movement.

Beautification Committee Chairman Eleanor Vieira said she is proud to work with committee members who help and work with all parts of the city to beautify it.

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