April 6 2018,  Peabody,  Peabody Police Log

Peabody Police Log



Tuesday, March 27


Bob don’t sell that

  A woman contacted police to report that while parked outside Boston Bob’s Home Improvement on Martin Circle she discovered that her vehicle’s sunroof and dashboard had been stolen. An officer documented the incident.


Wednesday, March 28


Now that’s customer service

  Eastern Bank security at Brooksby Village reported a resident attempting to deposit a large check from an unknown source then attempting to withdraw the funds to then meet a person in Danvers. A dispatched officer believed the resident was a victim of a telephone scam the bank had discovered in time as the victim believed she was cashing a check from the Publisher’s Clearing House.


An apt use of an app

  A resident on Newcastle Road used the My Police Department app to inform Animal Control that dogs are continually barking near the intersection and that she would be contacting her ward councillor and City Hall “first thing in the morning.”


Thursday, March 29


What was on the house? Woof?

  A caller on Cashman Road called police to complain of excessive dog barking on Florence Road. According to the report, the animal control officer stated she could not hear any barking in the area but noted some roofers working on a house on Cashman Road. Huh?


Friday, March 30


She lost her mind

  A Griffin Road resident reported a female who appeared to be under the influence attempting to get into yards. According to the report, an officer stated the woman got dropped off by her ex-boyfriend and got lost.


Taking your birthday outside

  Police were dispatched to the corner of Unhappy and Birthday for the report of an argument taking place on Pleasant Street. According to the report, the officer stated there was a birthday party taking place at a home on Pleasant Street and some unpleasantness had broken out in the street. The officer stated he would monitor the event for the rest of the night.


Hope he bought her something good

  A woman went to the customer service desk at the Northshore Mall and reported that her ex-boyfriend had kidnapped her from a coffee shop in Salem and took her by taxi to the mall to “buy her stuff.” The woman claimed the man then left her at the mall and wanted to notify police to get her own taxi so she could return to Salem. The woman said she didn’t want to pursue the matter but just wanted to inform the police.


Saturday, March 31


Why doors have locks

  An apartment resident on Paleologos Street reported to police that while he was taking a shower, someone had entered his apartment and stole $150 from his wallet. An investigating officer stated that some residents are refusing to answer the door.




Sunday, March 25

  Thomas Edward Kennedy, 48, of 5 Walden Hill Dr., Peabody, was charged with a police warrant.

Justine M. Pratt, 26, of 32 Towns Ct., Lynn, was charged with operating under the influence of liquor, with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and with marked lanes violation.


Monday, March 26

Joseph Lewis, 29, of 35 Lynn St., Peabody, was charged with two arrest warrants.

Shaniqua Ross, 27, of 420 Lynnfield St., Peabody, was charged with assault & battery and with disorderly conduct.

Ivonne Mendes, 50, of 56 Northend St., Peabody, was charged with an arrest warrant.


Tuesday, March 27

Kenneth E. Ghiz, 58, of 15 Blueberry Way, Peabody, was charged with an arrest warrant.

Nicholas T. McKenney, 24, of 53 Tracey St., Peabody, was charged with an arrest warrant.


Thursday, March 29

  Michael Ramos, 27, of 12 Flynn Rd., Peabody, was charged with uninsured motor vehicle and with unregistered motor vehicle.


Friday, March 30

  Michelle M. MacKenzie, 57, of 7221 Crane Brook Way, Peabody, was charged with filing a false report, with resisting arrest and with an arrest warrant.

Jeffrey Mayala, 27, of 231 Sydney St., Somerville, was charged with receiving stolen property of over $250.


Sunday, April 1

David S. Sullivan, 30, of 10 May St., Peabody, was charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, with two counts of possession to distribute a Class B drug, with possession of a firearm in felony, with carrying a firearm without a license, with carrying a loaded firearm, with firearm violation with one prior violent/drug crime, with operating a motor vehicle with license suspended (subsequent offense), with possession of a firearm or ammunition in dwelling and with an arrest warrant.

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