July 6 2018,  Peabody,  Peabody Police Log

Peabody Police Log



Monday, June 25


Not the right kind of driverless car

Police received a call about two men holding a vehicle from rolling down the hilly parking lot outside The Cheesecake Factory at the Northshore Mall. According to the report, the vehicle was unoccupied and apparently in neutral as it started rolling by itself in the parking lot. But thanks to the two men on the scene who kept the vehicle from rolling, police towed the vehicle away; the owner couldn’t be located.


These kids need a new hobby

Police received a call about five to six teenagers loitering and yelling at traffic on North Central Street and Pound Lane. An officer sent the kids on their way, advising them to not yell at traffic. You’d think their cellphones would have distracted them.


Tuesday, June 26


Took a wrong turn at the Senior Center?

Police were sent to The Meadow at Peabody golf course due to a reported small red vehicle being driven by an elderly woman – somewhere between holes 12 and 13. It was reported that the vehicle has New York plates. According to the report, there was no damage to the golf course and the vehicle was gone upon the officers’ arrival.


Friday, June 29


Turf war

A Department of Public Works employee reported that a vagrant was giving him a hard time as he was cleaning the park at Leather City Commons. According to the report, the man was gone upon police arrival.


Cleanliness is next to neighborliness

Police received a message from the My Police Department app regarding a neighbor on Arnold Road who has been allowing his “roof garbage” to fall into his neighbor’s backyard and leaving litter, such as nails and other hazardous materials, which the neighbor feels is dangerous to pets and vehicle’s tires. Police went to the home and were unable to make contact but will follow up later.


Saturday, June 30


No permit – no yard sale

Police received a tip that someone was hosting a yard sale on Bartholomew Street without a permit and that cars were parked all over the street. Police responded and discovered that the homeowner was indeed without a yard sale permit. The event was shut down until a permit could be obtained.




Monday, June 25

Sunshine L. DeFeo, 43, of 18 Orchard St., Salem, was summonsed to court for shoplifting by concealing merchandise.

Ty Lee Arbegast, 28, homeless/Peabody, was charged with unarmed burglary & assault and with larceny under $1,200.


Wednesday, June 27

Nicholas M. Burke, 22, of 25 Intervale St., Peabody, was charged with disorderly conduct, subsequent offense.


Thursday, June 28

Kyahwym Newson, 18, of 116 Empire St., Lynn, was summonsed to court for malicious destruction of property under $1,200.

Jennifer E. Bell, 39, of Gloucester, was charged with shoplifting by concealing merchandise, with resisting arrest and with two counts of possession of a Class E drug.



Friday, June 29

Michael A. Rossignol, 31, of 14 Messervy St., Salem, will be summonsed to court for possession of a Class A drug.

Kevin A. Muise, 44, of 14 Farm Ave., Peabody, was charged with an arrest warrant.


Saturday, June 30

Adam G. Parsons, 40, of Weymouth, was charged with operating a motor vehicle with license suspended, subsequent offense, with unregistered motor vehicle, with uninsured motor vehicle, with possession of a Class B drug and with possession of a Class E drug.

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