Everett,  February 16 2018,  Malden

Potter’s House Church and JCCHC host live animal show

HANDLE WITH CARE: The Potters House and Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care of Everett sponsored a free-to-the-public live animal show at the Connolly Center this past Saturday. Over 100 youngsters attended ant to their surprise a boa constrictor was one of the animals that was displayed for them to see, touch, and learn about. (Advocate photo by Ross Scabin)

The Potter’s House Church in Malden, Pastor John Foley and the Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett (JCCHC) sponsored the Ed Laquidara live animal show. Kids were able to learn about different animals, touch them and even hold them. We hope to have Ed come back to Everett for another show soon! The space was generously provided by the City of Everett to make this event possible.

Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center is New England’s largest privately owned animal rescue center of its kind. Since 1997 it has been operating out of Bolton, Mass. – starting as an exotic animal rescue center and expanded into a family-operated small zoo. Unlike the big zoos, Animal Adventures is not super fancy, but it does what is necessary to provide an enriched life for the animals. Animal Adventures takes in hundreds of unwanted or unable to be cared for animals each year. Some can be “re-homed” and others will live at Animal Adventures for the rest of their lives.

Animal Adventures is open to the public for visiting, tours, classes and events, and also travels to do educational programs at schools, libraries, colleges and more. Animal Adventures is a USDA-licensed zoo and state-recognized educational facility and rescue center that follows strict care guidelines set forth by Founder Dr. Ed Laquidara, Ph.D. and the USDA, and each animal’s needs are met on a daily basis.

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