August 17 2018,  Revere

RBC Recognizes Local Business Babe & Beau Spa

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has awarded its Beautiful Business to a newly established business on Broadway.  The Babe & Beau Spa first opened in October 2017 at the corner of Broadway and Mountain Ave.

This business, located on a corner, is proof that a business (or resident) does not need much land to create a lovely and welcoming impression.  There are large flower boxes overflowing with lovely plants and greenery and an impressive Mandevilla plant standing guard at the entry door.  This plant was half its current size last fall.  The owner took the plant in over the winter months and the result was a spectacularly beautiful welcome to the business.

The business owner, Shelly Duyan Vu, is responsible for all of the plants that surround the spa.  She waters the plants daily and says “I love flowers and don’t mind spending time caring for them.”  Shelly has proven that any property can be beautified with vision and effort.

The RBC welcomes Babe & Beau Spa to Revere and applauds her effort to help beautify Revere.  All Revere residents and business owners are encouraged to emulate Shelly Vu by beautifying their property regardless of size.

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