June 29 2018,  Lynnfield

Reid’s Ride 14 years stronger together

  July brings two things to mind:

The 4th of July bringing independence to all, and Reid’s Ride giving ALL the opportunity to fight the cancers that have taken the lives of too many loved ones.

Reid’s Ride, a 28-Mile Bike Ride on Sunday July 15, 2018 travels along the Massachusetts north shore and is held each year on the third Sunday in July.  It is a do-able, healthful, fun, affordable and cost-effective way to participate in the battle against adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers.  The funds raised by Reid’s Ride provide financial support to clinical and scientific programs targeted at finding improved treatments – and someday a cure – for the cancers that strike AYAs.

The funds raised by Reid’s Ride since 2005 are responsible for opening two AYA Cancer Programs & Clinics which are focused on conducting clinical research and providing specialized medical care for AYA cancer patients.  The work of the AYA Cancer Program at Tufts was featured in a 2017 episode of Chronicle (WCVB TV Boston); in June 2018 the episode was awarded an Emmy.

The Annual support from our Premier sponsor, Dunkin Brands, began in 2005 starting with a small group of Dunkin Donuts franchisees and their stores.  This expanded each year with more stores along the north and south shores of Massachusetts coming together in partnership with Reid’s Ride.  This partnership is pioneering what is now equal access across age groups to cancer care and clinical advances.  It has changed the course of history for AYA’s diagnosed with cancer.

The partnership of Reid’s Ride and Dunkin Donuts, together with hundreds of Reid’s Ride volunteers, is allowing Reid’s Ride and the Reid R Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance to become a “voice of the people” in bringing, for the first time ever, directed clinical care and treatment to our most promising age group diagnosed with cancer today

Our mission continues to bring better care and treatments to each adolescent and young adult battling cancer so that each is given the chance to become a survivor of this devastating disease.

“The best part about Reid’s Ride and all that we continues to accomplish through the Annual Ride is truly through the friendships and memories we’ve made with each other.  We are so grateful to Reid’s Ride long time dedicated supporters since 2005 and the everyday new supporter, all growing and working together toward the ultimate goal to end cancer.”

The theme for this year’s Ride is Star Trek.   There’s a famous quote from Star Trek that reflects the mindset of Reid’s Ride: “Things are only impossible, until they are not”.  Reid’s Ride and the Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance are making strides that seemed impossible just a few ago into realities today for current and future generations of AYA cancer patients.  And we will continue our work until we’ve made something else a reality: A cancer-free future for all generations of AYAs.

Again what differentiates Reid’s Ride from all other Charities is that we are an ALL volunteer Cancer Alliance.  An example of that is, we, Lorraine and Gene Sacco the Co-founder of the Alliance and Ride Directors our every day is volunteered as is each of the AYA cancer alliance. This insures that every dollar raised is truly being directed to the patient.

We like to encourage any Sponsors or Riders to join us!



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