December 28 2018,  Revere

Resident thanks Mayor’s Office, city and state officials for flooding assistance

By Tara Vocino


A resident wanted to personally thank the Arrigo administration and City Hall staff after he felt they went above and beyond in helping him tackle a 28-year flooding issue that has previously been dormant.

Tuscano Avenue resident Rocco Falzone has experienced significant flooding whenever it rains heavily, and he felt that past administrations, spanning over a 30-year period, didn’t help him. Falzone was quick to note that he’s speaking in general terms, and he isn’t targeting a past administration in particular.

The Arrigo administration was present for an on-site visit with city and state officials, the Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation, and the Water Department. At that Sept. 26 meeting, they shared ideas about how they can alleviate flooding so that Falzone isn’t forced to move.

“For the short time that he’s [Mayor Brian Arrigo] been in office, he’s accomplished much in such a short time,” Falzone said inside his home. “Past administrations can’t compete for what this administration has done to help me.”

Nicholas Romano, who is aide to Mayor Brian Arrigo, explained how the process works. “Our administrative assistants [Linda DeMaio, Debra Peczka DiGiulio and Janice DeLuca] helped Rocco with his flooding issues, just as they would treat any resident who walks into the Mayor’s Office,” Romano said. “While normal business operations continue, once a resident walks in they are priority number one. We carefully listen to the issue at hand and connect them with the appropriate departments to help them out. Once a resident – or Rocco in this case – is connected with a department, whether it is Water and Sewer or Revere311, we make sure to remain in the loop and follow up, so the issue at hand is resolved.”

Peczka DiGiulio said on Monday afternoon that she listened to Falzone’s situation and quickly made an appointment for him to speak with the mayor. She went on to say that they treat everyone who walks into the Mayor’s Office equally with respect and compassion.

Falzone feels that the Arrigo administration has taken care of their people, adding that that’s what a city should stand for.

Although the Mayor’s Office played a part, Falzone called it a collective effort. He thanked Deputy Assistant City Solicitor Cheryl McCormick; City Engineer Nicholas Rystrom, P.E. and Water and Sewer Superintendent Donny Ciarmella for their assistance at the on-site visit.

Falzone presented his case before Revere’s Commission on Disabilities on Nov. 13 and felt that their meeting went well. Commission on Disabilities Chair Ralph DeCicco explained that they would have to redo the street and can’t just fix his portion of the sidewalk.

“They’ve all taken the time to listen and help,” Falzone said. “Previously, it was the ‘same old story.’ I was tired of being jerked around – the best is yet to come.”


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