January 11 2019,  Revere

Resident thanks State House for organizing site visit

By Tara Vocino


A Tuscano Avenue resident who has dealt with flooding issues in his neighborhood for decades and recently found relief through his elected state and local officials once again wanted to personally thank his State Representative for her help in organizing an on-site visit to help tackle a 28-year flooding issue. Rocco Falzone has experienced significant flooding during heavy rains, which has also caused structural damage to his home; he applauded State Rep. RoseLee Vincent for her help in organizing an on-site visit with state and city agencies to examine the issue and come up with solutions.

“My office has been working on this issue for close to a year,” Vincent said Monday afternoon. “When Rocco Falzone first contacted my office, I met with him on Asti Avenue, and he gave me a tour of the area and explained what he was experiencing.”

Vincent felt that the meeting that occurred in October was productive, and put Falzone in contact with point people at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Revere Department of Public Works who could assist in mitigating immediate flooding during heavy rainfalls. Her office has also requested that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Department of Conservation and Recreation have crews look into the feasibility of regular maintenance of the trash gates on Asti Avenue to ensure that during heavy rains, blockage does not become an issue and lead to flooding, according to Vincent.

Besides the State Representative’s office, the Mayor’s Office, ranging from Mayor Brian Arrigo to his secretaries, and City Hall staff, including Water and Sewer Superintendent Donny Ciarmella, were instrumental in meeting with Falzone individually and at the on-site visit last fall.


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