Revere,  September 14 2018

Revere’s Broadway Fall Family Festival Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018

Kids share a few words about Fall Festival

By Tara Vocino


Children had a blast in the streets of the Fall Festival along Broadway on Saturday afternoon into the evening.

On Broadway Salon hairstylist Jaime Richards-Scimemi gave Revere resident Emma Hallihan, 11, a makeover. She started with painting a tiger on her face. “She’s very kind and did a really good job,” Emma said. “It only took about five minutes to paint my favorite animal. I like the yellow, black and white colors in it.”

She next got colored extensions and finished the look with two braids.

Her mother, Lauren, thought that Richards-Scimeni did an awesome job. “She looks beautiful,” Lauren Hallihan said. “Today was her day.”

Down the block at an intersection, Chelsea resident Mike Rullo was enjoying watching Kilted Colin. Somerville resident Colin Campbell spent 10 years learning how to ride an eight-foot unicycle and perform tricks while riding it. “He’s making all funny jokes,” Rullo said. “He’s bringing me back to high school.”

Revere resident Bob Upton called Campbell, who was in Irish dress, a fantastic entertainer and a nice addition to Saturday’s program. “It brings people together,” Upton said. “The kids love him, especially watching him play Irish music on bagpipes while riding the unicycle.”

Beachmont resident Joey Duffy was filming a video of Campbell’s performance to post on social media. “It’s unbelievable and incredible,” Duffy said. “Not too many people can do that. He’s throwing knives up into the air while riding a unicycle.”

On the next block, Revere residents Mia, 2, and Isabella Chau, 5, were painting with chalk on the street. The oldest sister, Isabella, said she was drawing two pink and purple flowers, and her younger sister, Mia, was drawing Minnie Mouse. “Flowers are my favorite,” Isabella Chau said. “I drew myself and hearts.”

Their father, Socran, said painting chalk is their favorite activity at the fall festival. “Now that school is back in session, kids need something where they can enjoy themselves,” Socran Chau said. “The fall fest is family-orientated, and it’s good to get out.”

On the next street, Revere resident Carolina Villanuva, 3, was trying to play chess. “I like moving the black and white pieces around,” Carolina said.

On the Common, Revere resident Trina Torres was listening to classic rock band Ticket to Ride, a Beatles tribute band, based out of Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. “It reminds me of my parents’ music,” Torres said with a laugh while eating Mexican corn with lime aoili spread. “It’s good to have a mixture of music for people with, like, other genres.”

The favorite of her daughter, Jasmarie Morales, 9, was the obstacle course, where she crawled under rope. “It was hard,” said Jasmarie, who then scored in Pop-a-shot, where she got the ball in the hole every time, along with her cousin, Kyzani Douglas, 9, of Revere.

Revere resident Mary Simonelli got her photograph taken with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney – that is, of Ticket to Ride. “They look and sound real,” Simonelli said, referring to the band members’ psychedelic costumes and British accent that they put on. “I like the way they’re dressed. They’re singing my favorite song right now, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ which is about God trying to pay for love.”

(Advocate photos by Al Terminiello)

(Advocate photos by Al Terminiello)

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