Everett,  Featured News,  January 11 2019

Richard Dell Isola unanimously voted City Council President

By Brendan Clogston


As family members and friends packed the City Council Chambers on Monday night, the City Council unanimously voted to appoint Richard Dell Isola as City Council President for the 2019 Legislative Session at their organizational meeting. It will be the councillor’s first time holding the gavel after eight years on the City Council.

After taking his seat at the head of the City Council, Dell Isola thanked his colleagues for their support and called for councillors to come together as a team to meet the challenges and changes facing Everett in 2019, which among other things will see the opening of the $2.4 billion Encore Boston Harbor resort casino on lower Broadway.

“We all know this is an exciting year for the city, but we have a lot of changes coming up to us we’ve never seen in Everett,” said Dell Isola. “We all have to be working together as a team in the City Council Chambers – work together with the Mayor’s Office and the School Department – all as one team working together, because we’re all in this together. What we do here will affect us down the road, our families and the future of Everett’s residents.”

Dell Isola was nominated by Ward 6 Councillor Michael McLaughlin and Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone. In his remarks, McLaughlin praised Dell Isola as a “leader amongst leaders in our community.” “He has spent his life giving back to the city, whether it was through Pop Warner football, and now for the past eight years as a city councillor-at-large. But for me personally, Rich has been a mentor and a leader,” said McLaughlin. “Rich has been more than a friend, he’s been like a brother. When I went through some medical conditions in 2015, he was by my bedside every day, leading the charge to make sure that I would fight back and get back on my feet.”

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone also expressed his confidence in Dell Isola as a leader. “Long before politics, I enjoyed the friendship of the extended Dell Isola family,” said Capone. “Rich himself personally understands teamwork; he understands the involvement of City Council members outside of the Chambers in this community, and I am confident that he will maintain harmonious relations of the body, both here and outside of this Chamber.”

Ward 3 Councillor Anthony DiPierro voiced his support for Dell Isola’s nomination, calling him someone who had “become a good friend over the last few years.” “We’ve bounced a lot of things off of one another, sitting next to each other,” said DiPierro. “We have a good working relationship. I know he will be fair to the entire membership. It’s also good to see a fellow Ward 3 guy take the chair. He comes from a family of service that’s given a lot to this community. I know his uncle Gil would be very proud of him.”

Councillor-at-Large Michael Marchese, who said that he knows the Dell Isola family well, expressed his confidence in Dell Isola, telling him that his uncle, the late longtime Gil Dell Isola, “would be very proud.”


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