Everett,  July 6 2018

Sounds of Everett

Sounds of Everett


It was an exceptional Fourth of July with the Boston Pops running a three-hour concert. While at home, escaping the heat, I was amazed to see a “close to extinct” butterfly. What a shame! Shouldn’t the butterfly be on the government’s endangered species list?

Just thinking, which is hard to do in the boiling hot summer heat, that Smith should give back to the state the Rep’s pay he was paid in two elections that he plead guilty in Federal Court for tampering with absentee ballots that won him a rep’s seat twice illegally.

And about the call for a Reps debate by Smith and Gerly: They said there will be an empty chair if Rep. McGonagle doesn’t take part. A debate? What a joke. What’s Gerly going to ask Smith – where have you been the last five years? It won’t happen. Ask yourself why.

How about another question Gerly should ask Smith: What did you use to white-out the names on the absentee ballots you stole from the voters? Was it white-out and a Q-tip? How many ballots did you change? Well, I guess enough to illegally win two elections. If Joe McGonagle skips this nothing debate you can’t blame him. He’s focusing on door-to-door. To Joe that’s more important. Both Smith and Gerly have very little, if anything, to debate with an experienced Councillor and Rep such as Joe McGonagle. Smith pled guilty to absentee ballot fraud, and Gerly suddenly appeared on the local political scene without any past experience as an elected official. By the way, one might ask, where has Gerly been on the political scene the last two years after McGonagle won the last election for State Rep? Nowhere to be heard from on any state or local issue.

Don’t be fooled, folks. Smith is greedy and arrogant. He’s an embarrassment.

This blog says a lot about Smith and his character. It’s surely worth repeating. According to a “Massachusetts Politics” blog, “At the time of Smith’s “guilty plea,” here’s what Lanny Breuer, then an assistant attorney general of the Commonwealth said: ‘Representative Smith compromised the legitimacy of his races for public office by facilitating the casting of invalid ballots for ineligible and unaware voters.  In doing so, [Smith] undermined the democratic process in Massachusetts and violated the public’s trust.’

Carmen Ortiz, then the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said: ‘Fair and free elections are the foundation that this great nation was built upon.  Our electoral system is unrivaled, and it is egregious that an elected member of our Commonwealth [Smith] would rob his constituents of a fair and honest election.’

Richard DesLauriers, then the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston Division, said: ‘Over the last two years, the FBI methodically uncovered a voter fraud scheme designed to strip Massachusetts voters of their right to a fair election.  Representative Smith, who was a member of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Election Laws, embarked on a scheme that he knew violated the ideals of our nation and disregarded the proud history of the Commonwealth.  Whenever the pillars of government administration – equity, efficiency, and effectiveness – are undermined by corrupt public officials, the FBI will focus on those responsible.’”

For a guy who altered absentee ballots to get elected in two Rep races, he should hide his head in shame instead of pounding on his chest like he’s someone special. Stay tuned, folks. There’s more to come. Had enough to digest? In the fall the voters should show Smith that they’ve had enough of the absentee ballot thief, too.


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  • Joanna

    It seems like the only issue you have with Gerly Adrien is that she is new to politics, and that she has the “nerve” to run against a long time incumbent. Why? And why is a new person running for office somehow as bad a known criminal running for office? Additionally, what is so controvertial about wanting a debate between all three candidates? As an Everett resident I would love to be able to hear from all the candidates about their platforms. I believe a debate is a great way for people to make an informed decision about their voting choices.

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