November 16 2018,  Revere

Sounds of Revere



AMAZON GONE: There was good news for Boston and Revere on Tuesday when it was learned that Amazon has chosen not just one, but two locations after more than a year of searching the country for its second headquarters announcing that it will split the operations between New York City and Washington, D.C., while adding a 5,000-job “Center of Excellence” in Nashville, Tenn. That’s good riddance to added traffic congestion, the destruction of many local businesses, and more importantly, taxpayer-funding. We can talk all day about loss of jobs but, as it looks now, Boston is already having trouble filling so many available jobs now. And it didn’t help that the corporate behemoth just recently messed up my K-cup coffee order. The HYM Investment Group’s plan for mixed-use development sounds scary in itself, but I believe it’s a much better choice than an Amazon HQ. Boston is already a birthplace to technological start-ups that may someday rival Amazon and Google. Mayor Arrigo points to the future of the Beach City that goes beyond a “one trick pony” that could have been Amazon, and we’re grateful. Revere, with all its resources and proximity to Boston and the North Shore, has everything to offer its residents and potential businesses. With talk of the expansion of the T’s Blue Line to Lynn, much of the traffic congestion could be alleviated, which would benefit Revere in so many ways. The Beach City has a lot to offer its residents and taxpayers, who should be the beneficiaries of big dreams – not the recipients of nightmares.


THANK YOU, FATHER DAN: We received a call from a parishioner of the Immaculate Conception Church who wanted us to publicly thank Father Daniel Lazo for hosting a recent “Blessing of the Pets.” The woman who called said the event was wonderful and wanted to thank Father Dan for blessing the parishioners’ many pets in attendance that are like family members, of course. Thank you, Father!


RETIRING MILESTONE: Former Revere resident Bob Belmonte was feted by his employer, Kelly’s Roast Beef, at a special retirement party at Kowloon in Saugus on Thursday night following his dedicated service as a roast beef slicer for 50 years. Bob, who now resides in Saugus, was presented a Citation from the House of Representatives by State Rep. Donald Wong. According to Kelly’s Saugus General Manager Artie Perrin, Bob sliced 1.6 million pounds of roast beef for Kelly’s during his 50 years of employment. Just writing this is making me hungry! Congratulations, Bob. Along with the McCarthy and the Carey families, we wish you many happy days in your retirement. –-JDM

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