Saugus,  September 7 2018

State Police arrest Saugus man for failure to stop following unsecured load dispute

   (Editor’s Note: The following info is from a Massachusetts State Police news release reporting on a Saugus man in an arrest involving his truck in Revere.)


On August 31 at about 10:30 a.m., Trooper Tah Yem was on patrol on Route 1 in Revere when he observed a Ford F150 pickup truck with an unsecured load of scrap metal items, including a hot water tank that was only secured by one bungee cord. Additionally, the tailgate of the truck was down. The truck was traveling in both the right travel lane and the breakdown lane at a slow speed.

Trooper Yem pulled the truck over and explained the reason for the stop to the operator, Joshua Thomson, 32, of Saugus. Thomson began arguing with the trooper, stating that his load was properly secured. The trooper issued him a citation for having an unsecured load and gave him a warning for the marked lanes violation. Trooper Yem further advised the operator to take the next exit in order to properly secure his load, as his vehicle and driving were a hazard to other motorists.

As Trooper Yem walked back to his cruiser, Thomson, who was now irate, exited his truck and began recording the trooper with his cellphone while walking in the right travel lane, creating a traffic hazard. Trooper Yem ordered him to get back in his vehicle numerous times. Eventually, Thomson got back in his truck, but not before leveling insults at the trooper. Thomson then began traveling southbound at about 25 mph in a 55 mph zone, all the while holding his cellphone out the window to record Trooper Yem, who was traveling behind him. Thomson was unable to stay in his travel lane and was additionally creating a traffic backup.

The pickup truck exited Route 1 onto Route 16, at which time Trooper Yem pulled the truck over again and issued Thomson another citation for unlawful use of a cellphone, marked lanes violation and breakdown lane violation. Again, as Trooper Yem walked back to his cruiser, Thomson exited his vehicle, irate and yelling insults and, this time, physical threats at the trooper. Trooper Yem repeatedly ordered Thomson to get back in his vehicle and leave, and eventually, Thomson complied.

Thomson proceeded to drive down Adams Street and took a left turn onto Garfield Avenue, where left turns are prohibited by clearly posted signs. Trooper Yem then attempted to stop the truck again, but Thomson refused to stop.

Thomson eventually pulled into a parking lot, where he was placed under arrest for failure to stop for a police officer and being a disorderly person. He was subsequently booked at the State Police Barracks in Revere, where he continued to level threats against Trooper Yem. He was taken to Chelsea District Court for arraignment.

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