Everett,  June 22 2018

State Rep. McGonagle brings back $900K in state funding to Everett

Demonstrating his reputation as a tireless advocate for Everett, State Representative Joe McGonagle spearheaded a landmark $900K budget measure that supports a series of programs, services and funds for the city. Coming on the heels of his instrumental backing of the $1.8 billion Housing Bill, Representative McGonagle leveraged his leadership and committee positions to bring home some much-needed resources to the growing Everett economy.

“It’s a privilege to advocate for the hardworking people of Everett as Vice-Chair of the Housing Committee and member of the Ways and Means Committee,” said McGonagle.

A key step in transforming the Malden River into a thriving recreational amenity, $75K will be assigned to waterfront public access improvements. With the development of the Malden River Greenway just around the corner, these funds will help kick-start the area’s revitalization and link together the communities of Everett, Malden and Medford.

As the state’s satellite Career Center on Revere Beach Parkway has shuttered its doors, the availability of dependable career resources is as critical as it’s ever been. Representative McGonagle, with his ear to the ground, secured $100K in funds to create a career-advising network for Everett residents searching for opportunities – several thousand jobs with an Everett preference are being created. Keeping the needs of the overall Massachusetts workforce in mind, Representative McGonagle shored up support for a $750K stimulus that finances vocational and workforce-training programs at community colleges in the Commonwealth.

As the proud State Representative for Everett, Representative McGonagle has assembled a legacy of tireless advocacy and consensus-building. As Everett works towards a stronger future, Representative McGonagle continues to ensure that the voices of its community do not go unheard on Beacon Hill.

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