Everett,  March 2 2018,  Revere

Stolen dog thrown from car returned to rightful owner

By Brendan Clogston

All dogs go to heaven, but Tedge gets to go home. After a month long journey in which he was stolen, thrown from a moving vehicle, saved by Good Samaritans and lost a leg to his injuries, the 18-month-old beagle-chihuahua mix is back with his rightful owner.

“I love having him back; it feels great just to be able to hold him,” said his owner, Theron Miller, during his reunion in the Everett Police Station lobby on Monday, February 26.

Miller, a truck driver from Montana, said that Tedge has been his constant companion on the road. “He’s there with me wherever I go, said Miller. “He’s been there on the road with me and riding with me. Everywhere I go, he’s with me. If you see me, he’s there. He’s like my partner.”

During one of their trucking runs delivering potatoes to the New England Produce Center in Everett, Miller let Tedge out of the truck to get some exercise in a fenced-in area at the site, something Miller had done before during his eight previous visits to the warehouse. Later that night Miller found the pen empty. He whistled for the dog, something to which he says Tedge always responded. There was no answer. He knew then that Tedge was missing.

“I spent the night looking for him,” said Miller.

With no sign of Tedge and his job calling him back to Montana, Miller was forced to return home.

Sometime later, Jamie-Lee Hersey of Wakefield was driving down Revere Beach Parkway when she saw a small dog alone in the middle of the road, clearly injured. According to police, witnesses had seen Tedge thrown from a black SUV on Revere Beach Parkway. Earlier in the evening, a similar vehicle was seen near the produce center.

“I pulled my car over real quick and ran out and grabbed him out of the road,” said Hersey. “He was bleeding everywhere.”

Chris Desrochers of Revere was also driving by at this time, and, recognizing his friend Jamie, pulled over. “Once I’d seen that poor little dog, I just couldn’t leave him,” he said.

The two brought Tedge to the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn, where he underwent two surgeries and ultimately had to have one of his hind legs amputated. While on the mend, Tedge was staying with Melissa Doherty-Geuvin, who runs The Dogmother, a doggy daycare service in Peabody.

Back west, Miller was keeping an eye on the Everett Animal Control Facebook page, hoping to see some sign of Tedge. Before long, his hopes came true. Animal Control Officer Stacia Gorgone said that Miller reached out to her in the weeks following the incident. Three others had claimed the dog as theirs as well, but Gorgone was able to confirm Tedge was Miller’s through Facebook.

Gorgone called the outcome the result of Miller’s “good karma” from helping animals in need back home. “I’m so glad Theron was reunited with Tedge because I know that up in Montana he saves a lot of animals that are dumped on him,” she said. “This was good karma coming back. He’s getting it back 10-fold here today.”

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