Lynnfield,  October 26 2018

The Halloween Folk Art of Will Moses; Halloween in Lynnfield

 By Helen Breen (Will’s story and images from


“Soft, shadowy foothills dotted with traditional white farmhouses; weathered red barns tilted haphazardly on broad patchwork sweeps of green and hay-gold fields; small clusters of black and white cows grazing placidly in the distance … it’s all part of Moses Country” – artist Will Moses, that is. His studio in Eagle Bridge, New York, near the Vermont border channels “the white house where the legendary Grandma Moses, began her career.”

Like his great-grandmother, “Will has created a vivid, delightful miniature world, peopled with villagers who have stepped out of the past to charm us with their simple, everyday pastimes.” Encouraged by his grandfather, folk artist Forrest K. Moses, Will developed his own unique style, reminiscent of Grandma, but “more complex and sophisticated.”

Will Moses’s paintings have been featured in museums across the US, Canada, and Japan, including special exhibits at the Presidential Libraries of Presidents Ford and Regan. He has contributed charming illustrations to many children’s books such as Rip Van Winkle, Johnny Appleseed, and Mother Goose. Basically self-taught, Will started painting at age four developing a technique “to capture all the most minute details in sharp-edged focus.”

Demand for Will’s work is kept constant by private and corporate collectors. Working from his small farm in Eagle Bridge, New York, he continues to produce a variety of original paintings, serigraphs, prints, puzzles, etchings, note cards, and posters. Will and his wife Sharon have three children all of whom are involved in their community. In addition to running his Mt. Nebo Gallery, Will is an active volunteer critical care EMT in the town.

No doubt, his famous great-grandmother Grandma Moses (1860-1961) would approve of Will’s life work and his depictions of Halloween, one of her favorite subjects in her own folk art.


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