December 28 2018,  Revere

Three reserve firefighters vie for job

By Tara Vocino

Three reserve firefighters, vying for a spot on the Fire Department, were sworn in last Wednesday afternoon in the City Council Chambers inside City Hall.

Reserve firefighters Matthew Tata, Dylan Stuart and Anthony Bonasoro were put onto a civil service list, chosen by the state’s Human Resources Division, until a position opens up. The three candidates shared about why they’d like the join the department and how they feel that they’re qualified for the job before the hour-long ceremony. According to City of Revere Human Resources Director John Viarella, the candidates are placed onto a list, where they will be enrolled on the department when a job opening becomes available.

Flying in for the ceremony and to celebrate New Year’s, two hopefuls are currently serving in active duty, which gives an advantage over nonmilitary civilians, according to Viarella, who interviewed them along with Fire Chief Christopher Bright and Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Todisco. A degree in Fire Science and prior experience in another city or town is also helpful, Viarella added.

First cousins Matthew Tata and Dylan Stuart, two of the reserve firefighters sworn in last week, hope to continue the family tradition with Stuart’s brother, Tyler, who is a six-year Firefighter/EMT-B.

Dylan Stuart, 26, of Lincoln Street, Revere, who is serving as E-4 HM3 corpsman, or providing medical treatment for wounded veterans, in Washington State for the U.S. Navy, shared how it’ll be a family affair. Stuart has served in the military for six years.

“I’ve grown up around the firehouse,” Stuart said. “My grandfather, Pat Tata, was a firefighter for 35 years; my father, Michael Stuart, a 12-year firefighter; my brother, Tyler, has been a firefighter for six years; and my cousin, Mike Amato, has been a firefighter/Firefighters Union 926 Vice President for nine years.”

Stuart’s first cousin Matthew Tata, 25, of Dunn Road, Revere, a surgical technologist at Navy Hospital Pensacola in Florida for the U.S. Navy, said he was born and raised in Revere, and it has always been his dream to serve on the department. Tata has served in the military for four and a half years, and he is scheduled to end active duty on May 15.

“I couldn’t be more excited for today to come,” Tata said, referring to last week’s ceremony.

Their grandfather, Pat, served for 35 years, and his two cousins, Tyler and Mike, became firefighters.

A third reserve firefighter and Wakefield resident, Anthony Bonasoro, 33, said he received a high score on the test, and is one of the first nonmilitary members to be on the list. “I’ve taken the test six times over a 12-year period since I was 21,” Bonasoro said. “I’ve been waiting since that time, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Mayor Brian Arrigo thanked the three men for answering the call, extending gratitude to families for the commitment that they make. “Congratulations,” Arrigo said. “Thanks for your promise to serve.”

Fire Chief Christopher Bright said Bonasoro, Stuart and Tata will soon be offered the opportunity to join a new and exciting profession as Revere firefighters based on a conditional offer of employment, a nine-week firefighter training class at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy in Stow, and a one-year probationary period.

“You will be joining a proud fire department that is truly unlike no other,” Bright said. “The fire department is unique, not only in the way we honor our history, but also in the way we continue to move forward in a progressive manner in order to better serve our citizens.”

Bright suggested that Bonasoro, Stuart and Tata will learn quickly that firefighting is not an individual effort but rather all about cooperation and teamwork. He welcomed them in advance into their second family.

After the ceremony, FF/EMT-B Tyler Stuart, said he is excited to have his brother, Dylan, by his side soon.

“I’m proud that we’ll serve the city together,” Tyler Stuart said.

As for his cousin, Matthew Tata, Tyler Stuart said their grandfather would be proud.

“We’re glad that it’s going to be a family affair,” Tyler Stuart said.

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