June 8 2018,  Saugus

Town Manager Assessors Clerk excel in Advanced Assessors Training

(Editor’s Note: The following story is based on a press release from the Saugus Town Manager’s Office)

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Left to right: Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree, Assessors Principal Clerk Tracy Mingolelli and Deputy Assessor Ron Keohan at Saugus Town Hall. Crabtree and Mingolelli show off their certificates for advanced assessors training. (Courtesy Photo to The Saugus Advocate)

Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree and Assessors Office Principal Clerk Tracy Mingolelli have advanced their assessors training one step further by completing and excelling in a rigorous course in the principles of assessing procedures through the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers, Inc. They recently received their official certificates in “Course 200 – Principles of Assessing Procedures” after completing it and successfully passing a comprehensive final exam.

The 34-hour course was held in the Saugus Town Hall auditorium earlier this year. Thirty-five professionals from around the state took the course.

“I am proud that members of the Saugus Administration strive to further their professional development and better serve the needs of our residents,” said Town Manager Crabtree. “I wanted to continue my education in the assessing field so that I could better understand the interworking of the Assessor’s Department.”

The course dealt with an assessors’ administrative responsibilities and Appellate Tax Board procedures, and was an in-depth explanation of an assessors’ everyday involvement, such as with maps, deeds, probates, field work, sales and sales ratios, personal property, new growth, classification, recap, tax rate, exemptions and exempt property, the appeal process and motor vehicle and boat excise tax. A Certified Assessor establishes all of the values of property within a community; in Saugus, that amounts to over 10,000 parcels. The Assessors Certification course is a requirement for all assessors in the state.

“Education is the most important part of the assessing association organization … We take experienced assessors and groom them to be instructors, and we teach newcomers and refresh oldcomers on all the aspects of how to do our jobs,” Deputy Assessor Ron Keohan said.

Two years ago, Town Manager Crabtree, Mingolelli, Board of Assessors Chairman Michael Serino, Board of Assessors Member David Ricciardelli and late Board of Assessors Member John Gillis became certified as Assessors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after completing a 34-hour course and passing a comprehensive final exam. Last year Assistant Assessor Tammy Sands, who is also a certified assessor, furthered her education by successfully completing and passing “Course 6 – Valuation Administration” through the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers, Inc.

“I’m very impressed with the fact that this is the second course our Town Manager has taken,” said Keohan. “It’s good for us and the community that he has a better understanding of what we do as assessors. Prior to his administration, town managers in Saugus were unfamiliar as to what we did.”

“I would like to congratulate Ron and his staff for all of their hard work, and I would like to commend Tracy on her dedication towards continuing her professional development, which benefits the Assessors Department as well as the Town of Saugus overall,” said Town Manager Crabtree.

For more information, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 781-231-4130.


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