Everett,  June 15 2018

Valedictorian Marcus Fonseca ready to start next chapter

By John McCormack

Valedictorian Marcus Fonseca

There is no greater honor or achievement than being named valedictorian of your high school class. Everett High School’s class of 2018’s valedictorian is Marcus Fonseca. Fonseca is more than just a bookworm. He is obviously highly intelligent, hardworking and, most of all, humble.

Standing out at Everett High School is no easy task with the amount of students that go there. However, Fonseca was not afraid to stand out at the large school. The class of 2018 had 497 graduating students. Fonseca has been stepping out of his comfort zone all four years, and says that’s the key to stand out among 497 students. “You need to get really involved in community service and just put yourself out there,” Fonseca said.

“If you don’t step out of your comfort zone to meet new people and foster new relationships, you’ll probably be that kid in the yearbook no one has ever seen before. And of course you should treat everyone with respect and get involved in clubs, honor societies, etc.” he continued.

Fonseca worked hard to get involved in clubs and the community, but he worked harder to achieve high school’s greatest honor. Fonseca said “being valedictorian was incredibly tough,” but the competition between him and salutatorian My Doan all four years seemed like a battle. “We were battling our entire high school career; we were .02 GPA points apart at the end,” Fonseca said.

Being valedictorian is incredibly tough, but Fonseca’s work ethic is really what he gives credit to. “People assume that I spend 40 hours a week studying and doing homework. That’s not the case at all,” Fonseca said. Fonseca would usually finish all his work at school and then finish the rest, if any, at home, and on top of that he would also work 20 hours a week at an accounting office.

Fonseca will be starting a new chapter of his life in the fall when he will attend Brown University in Providence, R.I. However, the recent grad did have some mixed emotions about attending a school so far from home. “I’m excited and a little anxious at the same time,” Fonseca said.

Fonseca is excited that Brown offers a flexible schedule so he can take the subjects that interest him the most; yet he is also very anxious about living away from home and being on his own. However, Fonseca’s excitement for the fall outweighs his nervousness. Brown is the valedictorian’s number one choice, and he is “beyond blessed” that he will have the opportunity to attend his number one choice. If he had not gotten into Brown, he would have had to pick between two other Ivy League schools: either Princeton or Yale.

Fonseca is the youngest of three boys, and will be following his brothers as business majors. Fonseca plans on majoring in Economics and already has a set of goals that he wants to achieve. “My goal is to lead a company dedicated to improving people’s lives somehow,” Fonseca said, “or maybe it could have another focus, but I’ll certainly make sure to donate a portion of our revenue to charities and other organizations.”

Fonseca looks to continue his community service way beyond his high school and college careers. Fonseca also wants to get his MBA and can see himself working hard enough to obtain one.

As for Fonseca’s final words of encouragement to the class of 2019, as he said multiple times in his valedictorian speech: “No matter where you come from or what your background is, you can do it.”

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